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Jazz Fest Chat Noir 2010 Print

Jazz Fest Chat Noir 2010 Print New Orleans vintage style


 The Foundation claims to have trademark "Jazz Fest", which is a common phrase used for festivals all over the world. I seriously doubt it would hold up in Court. I am not rich enough to file suit. The Foundation has bullied printers, artists, and common folk with notice they will sue for use. Thus ZAZZLE  removed any design with the phrase and some with just the words, Jazz and Fest separately. Thus hundreds of my long term designs are no longer for sale there and at other places. I have revised some designs. And will revise more. I think the Foundation is not considering New Orleans heritage with those actions. But the common folk cannot fight back those overly rich folks.

New Orleans Jazz Music 2017 T-Shirt

New Orleans Jazz Music 2017 T-Shirt

by figstreetstudio

Chat Noir, edit text Poster

Chat Noir, edit text Poster

by figstreetstudio

Fat Cat New Orleans Music 2017 Postcard

Fat Cat New Orleans Music 2017 Postcard

by figstreetstudio

Dancing  to Jazz Music Orleans Poster

Dancing  to Jazz Music Orleans Poster

by figstreetstudio

One of my Jazz Fest poster for 2010 is a play off the famous Le Chat Noir poster. People love this one and I have variations on that theme with several other posters.

Jazz Fest Chat Noir 2010 print
Jazz Fest Chat Noir 2010 by figstreetstudio
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Unique and comical Crawfish cartoons on shirts/gifts: Fig Street Studio

Monday, March 29, 2010

French Country Tiles

(Click Tile To See More)

Being from New Orleans has made me interested in tile designs. I do a lot in ceramic tile, plastic squares, and square refrigerator magnets. Initially I made many designs with no real direction then I got interested in designs that evoke New Orleans. Recently the Delft style blue Dutch style designs and now pretty flowers, which I discovered are French in style. New Orleans being a Spanish Colony at one time has several colorful spots that display Spanish Tile designs from Spain who sent them over for us to enjoy. Stop in my shops on the web and see the many tile designs I have created and still work on them for magnets, tiles, replicas, and even on shirts.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Get Married In Pirates Alley New Orleans

The Ghost In Pirates Alley- the first wedding there in the 1800's

The First Wedding In Pirates Alley New Orleans

The tradition of being married in Pirates Alley in the French Quarter is clouded in secrecy and varies as who tells the tale. One is never sure who was actually the first to get married there but this tale as told to me often during my life is a sure as any tale of pirates, ghosts, and love. Back in the days of the Pirates of Barataria many young men from many places joined in to make a fortune. Called "smugglers" by some, hated by Spain, used by France but admired by Americans as an independent lot who at times would help the poor and ill treated.

I am told one Reginald Hicks, who began as a mere cabin boy on an English ship was taken by some pirates and raised by them. Only a lad in his early teens when captured ultimately raised himself to a first mate of a pirate ship by the time of the War of 1812. He was trusted by all his pirate brethren and their leader Jean Lafitte. He was known to go along with several other men to met with General Jackson to aid the Americans in the Battle of New Orleans, mostly as "cannoneers" as they were very good shots.
Of course Master Hicks was a good looking young man having many a lass looking at him but in his heart was none other but a beautiful Creole French girl, Marie Angel Beauchamp. She too had only thoughts of him and whenever he came into the City they would steal off into the night, keeping their love a secret as it was not permissible for a young  Creole Catholic girl to be seeing a Pirate of English extraction.

As things would happen on Master Hicks' visit to meet with General Jackson he learned that his Marie was expecting their child. He being raised as an English gentleman his first decade of life did not want to leave the city without getting married. His child would have a father and his love would not be scorned for having a child without a husband. All evening they searched in vain for a priest to marry them but most required that they both be Catholic, others would not think of doing a ceremony on such short notice. Eventually they had two options, simply jumping a broom down in Barataria or seeking out a German born baker in the jail who was also an ordained Protestant minister. Master Hicks did not want to take Marie to Barataria which meant she would have to stay and may never see her family and friends in the city again.  So they very early in the morning made their way to the Cabildo and asked the jail's warden if they could speak with the German Minister. He would only allow them to see him through the iron gate facing Orleans Alley. But right there and then they were married. Soon gathered many early arriving workers and some visitors who witnessed the first wedding in Pirates Alley. Documents drawn and signed by a Notary on his way to file others for record at the Cabildo and all present signed making the marriage both Civil and Religious.
Here again the story varies as exactly what happened. What happened to Master Reginald Hicks remains a mystery, some say he was killed in the Battle of New Orleans and seeks out his lovely Marie nightly in Pirates Alley today as a spirit. Others say he and Marie left for Galveston with Pirate Lafitte after Louisiana was sold to America. But if you go to Pirates Alley early in the morning on the right day of the right month you can hear laughter and celebration and wedding bells and a cold breeze passes you by. Could it be the ghost of Master Hicks seeking his bride?

Believe as you may.

 Today couples can still get married in Pirates Alley  by a German Protestant wedding officiant. For more in formation visit his web page at:




JK Schwehm at Fig Street.
Copyright 2003 [Fig Street, LLC]. All rights reserved.
Revised: March 25,2009 by the author

Zazzle Spain- Zazzle España

Flor de lis de New Orleans Tee Shirts de

Zazzle me permite vender mi mundo del arte de ancho, aquí es una exhibición de la camisa de España.

Zazzle allows me to sell my art world wide, here is a  JAZZ shirt display for Spain.

Vintage Style Jazz Fest Poster

Jazz Fest Chat Noir 2010 Print New Orleans vintage style

Zydeco Dance shirt and matching pair of shoes-

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Japanese Love My Shoe Designs

It's not often I sell things to people in Japan but I guess if you take a look at thses two pair of fancy doggy shoes you can see why they generated interest. The Japanes love this style and I am happy they like my designs.

The Dachshund kedsshoe
The Dachshund by figstreetstudio
Make custom Keds shoes at

Here are a bunch more of my canvas shoe designs-
Fig Street Studio featured in New Orleans Tidbits, Oyster Festival-

New Orleans Tid Bits Featured My Art

My art and designs were featured in New Orleans TidBits Thursday March 25, 2010. here is an excerpt.

March 25, 2010

"Hey slacker—in case you haven’t noticed, it’s officially springtime and you’re still using Christmas-themed stamps on your thank you notes and water bill payments.

Let those nutcrackers and angels take five and save your licks for a personality plus, NOLA friendly Oyster Festival Stamp. Just in time for oyster season, these envelope accessories will remind your out-of-town family and friends of one of the many reasons to book a trip to where party people and pearls alike have taken up residence.

And when stamp costs rise, these cuties will couple perfectly with the love stamps you had leftover from your wedding.

For other fun items like the stamp, visit"

Thanks Amy and New Orleans Tidbits for the plug. You guys are fabulous and fun to read.


I just Joined AddThis

So people can re post anything I blog I joined A service that allows you to share posts.

Real Men Cook Lobster

I have a series of Real Men Who Cook aprons this is one for Lobsters. I have more comical aprons at the Zazzle Shop.

Louisiana and the Gulf Coast like to boil crabs in hot spicey water with other things like corn and potatoes. Maryland and the Chesapeake area likes to steam crabs and add Old Bay type dry spice after cooking. So I have a Louisiana Real Men Boil Crabs apron to help in the dispute.

Real Men Wear Aprons, on chef's apron

Real Men Wear Aprons, on chef's apron,

For a time after I retired I cooked. I actually cooked as a chef in a French Quarter restaurant until my feet hurt too much. I still love to cook but not all night long in a rush like they force you to do in a fancy restaurant. So I made this Real Men Waer Aprons design as I know how hard it is to be a chef or line cook.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Life An Oyster, My Love A Pearl

My Life An Oyster, My Love A Pearl Magnet

Growing up I ate a lot of oysters. My grandfather after being injured became an oyster shucker for local restaurants. he would bring home oysters often. Then as a family we would buy oysters by the sack and open them up, eat some raw and make many different oyster dishes. I developed a fondness for fresh Louisiana oysters back then that continues to today. My art reflects the influence of me growing up in New Orleans. Here are some comical designs. Click the image to see the design and price.

The old favorite Oyster saying, Eat Oysters Love Longer
Eat Oysters Love Longer shirt
Eat Oysters Love Longer by figstreetstudio
Many more t-shirts online at

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Got Crawfish? On Shirts

Got Crawfish? design on shirts-

This Got Crawfish? design is the favorite on shirts and aprons.

Red Neck Fleur De Lis

I did two designs for the redneck fleur de lis, one a classy fleur de lis the other a crawfish shaped fleur de lis, both are just funny enough to be politically incorrect. They both can be customized with names or other text at Zazzle.

Redneck Fleur De Lis magnet
Redneck Fleur De Lis by figstreetstudio
Learn how to sell art on

Redneck Fleur De Lis shirt-
Comical Crawfish Cartoons on shirts, aprons, fridge magnets-

Comical Crawfish Cartoons on shirts and aprons

Unique and Comical Crawfish Designs on shirts and aprons from @figstreetstudio on the web-

I actually think I have the most comical crawfish and Cajun designs sold on the web today. I have so many I have to go to this page and look to see what I have most times-
At Zazzle it says I have over 150 but I have more at another printer and will add more at Zazzle soon. Stop in and take a look, shirts, aprons, shoes, magnets all with comical crafish cartoons. Some are shown below.


PINCH ME CRAWFISH CARTOON on shirts and more:

Crawfish Hot Tub Time shirt
Crawfish Hot Tub Time by figstreetstudio
Shop the t-shirts section of Zazzle

Monday, March 22, 2010

Old New Orleans Absinthe House Poster

Old Absinthe House Poster

I have painted many old buildings in the French Quarter. This is the building that houses the Old Absinthe House Bar.

Old Absinthe House print
Old Absinthe House by figstreetstudio
Browse other posters at Zazzle
New Orleans Water Meter Cover Fridge Magnets by figstreetstudio

Magnolia Tree At City ParkPainting

Magnolia Tree At City Park Poster #nola

Before Katrina I painted a lot of trees in and around City Park, most all are gone now but new ones have been planted. This big magnolia I painted like Van Gogh Chestnut Tree in Bloom. I did a few others like Van Gogh tress but this one is my favorite.

Catching Crawfish In Roadside Ditch, how to

Catching Crawfish In Roadside Ditch, how to in a blog- click link to read blog story.
La Nouvelle-Orléans Fig Street Studio vend des chemises en France
The Black Cat, Le Chat Noir sur de nombreuses affiches et cadeaux

Fig Street Studio At Cafe Press

I will no longer market my products at Cafe Press. I found that others were duplicating my designs and some people downloading my images and using them on products they sold at craft fairs. I complained about these issues to Cafe Press and nothing was done. In fact I was treated like I was the offending party. As I cannot trust Cafe Press to protect my art, designs, copyright, and that they allow the downloading of images that can be reproduced and used on competing products I will not longer market or add my art at Cafe Press. I have migrated most everything to my Zazzle Shop, and use them to sell and market my art from now on.

Be sure to see all the great art, prints, posters, shirts, I have at the Zazzle store. They do a good job reproducing them and they protect the artists copyright.

New Orleans Acrylic Cut Outs

Most all of my art and designs can be made into acrylic plastic cut outs. Two dimensional plastic that can be used as display or ornaments. Here are the details and some images of what others look like. If you see one of my prints or graphic designs you would want in plastic to use as an ornament or ceiling fan pull, or to display on a stand, e-mail me so I can set it up and send you the link.

Zazzle custom photo sculptures enable you to turn your favorite photo or portrait into a special keepsake. Your image is cut out from durable acrylic to create a one-of-a-kind gift. Can come as a sculpture, magnet, pin, ornament, or keychain.
Product Details
Made of clear, durable acrylic
Sculpture is cut out to match your photo
Final size will be based on the size of your image
Recommended: Use images that feature one person or subjects prominently

2" x 3": $15.00 ea (comes with black stand)
5" x 7": $29.00 ea (comes with black stand)
8" x 10": $39.00 ea (comes with black stand)
24" x 36": $150.00 ea (comes with wall mount)
Magnet - comes with a magnet back
2" x 3": $15.00 ea
5" x 7": $19.00 ea
Ornament - comes with a red ribbon for hanging
2" x 3": $15.00 ea
5" x 7": $19.00 ea
Pin - comes with a metal pin-back
2" x 3": $15.00 ea
Keychain - comes with a metal key ring
2" x 3": $15.00 ea


"The Porter's Incident", scary blog story-

Pirate Alley Cafe, Painting

The Night Cafe, French Quarter, New Orleans, print

I hang out at the Pirates Alley Cafe in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I have done so for many years, it is one spot that truly reminds me of France. It is one of the most photographed and painted spots in the New Orleans French Quarter. I did this one as a play off Van Gogh Night Cafe but used orange colors, it was fun doing and I want to do it again in another color. It has a story about it, several in fact, but the one I like is the original owner decided they did not like it so I bought it back and framed it and have it here in the studio as I love it. The print has sold so many times it more than paid me back for buying it back from the original purchaser. I bet they would like it back now that it is becoming somewhat famous. One is also hanging in Pirates Alley Cafe.
"Got Gumbo?" Stickers and more
"Eat Oysters Love Longer" stickers and more-

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New Orleans Lighthouse, Lake Pontchartrain poster

New Orleans Lighthouse, Lake Pontchartrain poster-

Destroyed by Hurricane Katrina this lighthouse once stood at Lakeshore Drive and West End Blvd. on the shore of Lake Pontchatrain at the entrance of the New Basin Canal. It was put in storage and funds are being raised to re-construct it. MAny homes in New orleans and along the Gulf Coast duplicated the style. ( It has been restored and placed up higher.)