Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Elope to New Orleans in historical spots in parks or French Quarter, http://ht.ly/3gyti #nola

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Onward Jazz Paintings by New Orleans Artist JK Schwehm

Onward Jazz Framed Panel Print Paintings by New Orleans Artist JK Schwehm New Orleans Fig Street Studio

 When I first got back to painting after I retired I tried to stick to local images and things related to my life growing up in New Orleans. I had an Uncle who always wore a hat, like me he was bald. His favorite was a ship captains hat as he was a inland waters pilot and could take large craft in the Great Lakes and Lake Pontchartrain. I saw this picture once that just reminded me of him so I quickly painted it as an exercise in doing portraits. I wanted to do my uncle but have no photos of him to go from so this exercise is to see if and when I get a photo of him I can do it with him in this type cap. After I did it I placed it on the web and a nice lady in New York bought it as she had an African-American art studio she wanted to display the original in. I have since lost contact with her so I am not sure where the original is now. I have the image now on cards and things at Zazzle and Cafe Press as I kept a scan of it before I mailed it off to New York.
 I titled the painting "Onward" after the words on the hat. Those who know me know the hard times I went through back then and the words expressed to me what that Uncle would have said to encourage me on. "Onward" and since then that is what I do, move forward.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some helpful articles on getting married

Some helpful articles on getting married in New Orleans- http://ht.ly/3eRnK

 New Orleans wedding  officiant Chaplain JK Schwehm writes helpful articles on how to get married at this link  http://www.examiner.com/wedding-planning-in-new-orleans/jerry-schwehm

 Read over them to make your wedding a lot easier. From a simple elopement in a park to a larger family style wedding.

The Lighthouse on Camp St. New Orleans

Growing up and having family living on Camp St I always wondered about the lighthouse on Camp off Julia. I imagined the Mississippi River must have been closer to Camp St before the levees? But as I grew older I discovered it was never a real lighthouse but a building built for the charity, Lighthouse For The Blind. Today it is a glass art studio but my fascination with a lighthouse so far from water has never ended. Once while walking down Camp toward Poydras in 2003 I stopped and took about 20 pictures from different angels and this composition was derived from those photos. I guess not everyone is so fascinated by this lighthouse as I rarely sell a print or card but for me it is part of my growing up in New Orleans and a part of my childhood.

"This lighthouse was added to the existing structure in 1924 by the Lighthouse For The Blind as a thematic symbol, and served as their headquarters until 1948"

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Fig Street Studio Black Friday Sales

Starry Night Riverboat print
Starry Night Riverboat by figstreetstudio
Posters on sale Friday 2:01 PM .

Fig Street Studio at Zazzle will participate in an hourly sale where different products will be sold at deep discounts. Here is the list of sales and times they begin:

Black Friday’s Sale Schedule - November 26, 2010 (PST)

(Note: The deals change every two hours, can sign up for e-mail notice below. Check with the Zazzle store for discount codes to use to get the sale price.)

12:01 AM Half Off All Mugs
2:01 AM $10 Off All Avery Binders
4:01 AM 75% Off Harry Potter T-Shirts
6:01 AM 70% Off Holiday Cards and Invites
8:01 AM 50% Off Ornaments
10:01 AM $20 Off iPhone & iPad Cases
12:01 PM 75% Off Business Cards
2:01 PM 65% Off All Posters
4:01 PM $8.80 Off $0.44 Postage Sheets
6:01 PM Half Off All T-Shirts
8:01 PM* Friday's Favorite Deal Repeat
10:01 PM* Friday's Favorite Deal Repeat

Click images here to go to the store now and line up what you will buy when they have a sale on friday.

To kick off your holiday shopping, we’s got five whole days of crazy deals. Starting at midnight on Black Friday, get exclusive Zazzle deals for only two hours at a time. Just set your alarms for your favorite deals and get the biggest savings of the year. Order custom gifts for the holidays, or stock on up your favorite designs for up to 75% off. We hope you’re ready for a shopping marathon because Blitzen deals will keep coming all day long until Tuesday – that’s 120 hours of back-to-back deals! Avoid the crowds and the cold this year, and get all of your holiday gifts online at Zazzle.
 Get an e-mail notice here- http://www.zazzle.com/blitzendeals
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Fleur De Lis on Ceramic Tiles

Fig Street Studio has a large selection of unique fleur de lis on cearmic tiles, magnets, cards, and more. Shop local see them here- http://www.cafepress.com/figstreetstudio/5263902

 Also available at Arius Gallery French Quarter New Orleans, 504 St Peter St, New Orleans

New Orleans: The Importance of Po' Boys

The Importance of Po' Boys to New Orleans Culture and Food

Unique New Orleans poboy design on shirts and gifts  http://ht.ly/3ej2X

Support Local New Orleans Small Business: Art

When you shop New Orleans Small Business you support your community! 
Fig Street Studio art can be found locally at Arius Gallery, St. Peters St, Jackson Square

   Fig Street Studio is home of New Orleans artist JK Schwehm selling art from New Orleans on the web for 12 years. When you need a gift think local art, local small business and support the local community. Stop in Fig Street Studio on the web at http://www.figstreet.com/studio, follow the links to gifts, prints, ornaments, cards and more from a local business. Personalize gifts at his Zazzle Shop on the web. Add names, text to shirts, cards, invitations, and more. Get a postcard, magnet, greeting card or print. Shop local, help a small business.

New Orleans Streetcar Painting print

Jackson Square-NOLA print
Jackson Square-NOLA by figstreetstudio


Support Local Businesses

Beware of Copycat Art and Designs

 Be sure to ask if the art sold is original not a copy of someone else's creative work. For 12 years I have worked in fine and graphic art. Made many unique designs sold on the web. I always seem to find someone else either downloading my art or designs or duplicating them in a shop they have on the web. I feel like I have created an industry with people who are not creative enough to do their own designs. They just see what I have made duplicate them and try to sell them. It actually is a chore keeping up with those copycat people.       So sometimes I find silly things I have done copied. I have made up words that look real and put them in designs, then I find the made up words duplicated on designs. I put silly images in different spots and then find those images in those spots on duplicate designs. I wonder if people spend time looking at my shop just to duplicate what I made that week? As an artist I paint and create silly things just for the exercise of doing it then I see that silly design duplicated, mostly in other New Orleans centered shops on the web. So I ask if you buy a design be sure to know who the designer artist is. If they are from New Orleans and not another state and city, and if the design is original not a copy of one of my designs.  I still find people downloading my images and placing them on fridge magnets sold locally. I have contacted the makers and asked them to stop taking my creative work but still see them sold in some places. So be sure the art and design is an original and not a copy of my work. Thanks.
Visit Fig Street Art Studio on the web Nov. 20-23 and save $10 on orders of $50+ http://ht.ly/3c7eN use code: Friend10 www.figstreet.com

Japanese Christmas Ornaments

New Orleans Art on porcelain Christmas Ornaments from Fig Street Studio: http://ht.ly/3bPMj

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Orleans Top Wedding Spot: http://ht.ly/3d7J6 #Destination #Wedding #Elope

Unique Art Prints

Famous New Orleans art prints sold on web by local artist- http://ht.ly/3dEu5
New Orleans Cathdedral at Night Poster from Zazzle.com

Unique art. American made, not sold in store only available from artist.

New Orleans art posters and prints make great gifts. Sales help local art studio. From $10 and up. Limited availability. Can be framed for a great gift.

See more at http://www.zazzle.com/figstreetstudio/posters

Art Prints by New Orleans Artist

Follow link for more info on art posters from New Orleans artist.


 Art prints sold world wide on the internet by local New Orleans artist, follow link for more art.

New Orleans Music Poster

New Orleans Music Poster

by figstreetstudio

Art Posters By JK Schwehm

Art Posters By JK Schwehm

by Fig Street Art Studio

Black Smith Shop, New Orleans Poster

Black Smith Shop, New Orleans Poster

by figstreetstudio

Jazz Fest Guitar in Blue Poster

Jazz Fest Guitar in Blue Poster

by figstreetstudio

New Orleans Art poster, local artist, great gifts- http://ht.ly/3dDZh

Chat Noir, New Orleans Music Poster

Chat Noir, New Orleans Music Poster

by figstreetstudio

Dachshund Tennis Shoes

The famous Dachshund on tennis shoes available on the web, limited art edition not available in stores done by artist.

Dachshund, Weiner dog kedsshoe
Dachshund, Weiner dog by figstreetstudio

More Dachshund art available click image:

Saturday, November 20, 2010

JK Schwehm, art tiles now sold at Arius Gallery, Jackson Square, New Orleans see- http://ht.ly/3cYIc

Fig Street Studio Tiles Available At Arius Tiles French Quarter

 Local tile retailer Arius Gallery, Jackson Squareat 504 St. Peter Street, phone 504-529-1665is now carrying Fig Street Studio tiles and ornaments. Stop in and see the tiles designed by artist JK Schwehm. Great for gifts and mementos of your visit to New Orleans. Ask them about your favorite tile design or ceramic tile mural. Murals can be made to order and shipped to you. Your favorite art or a new design from Fig Street Studio on a tile or a tile mural. Tile murals are great for bath or kitchen. Add your name or address to the Spanish Tile Murals found in the French Quarter.

Have your name or street address added to a tile like below.

 See more samples at this link: http://www.cafepress.com/figstreetstudio/4855160

 CLICK LINK FOR MAP: http://schmap.it/gVJ3zl

 Get Directions from Googlr Maps:

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well behaved women, Don't get Jewelry: http://ht.ly/37dbR

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Orleans Christmas ornaments: http://ht.ly/39z96
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crawfish, Crayfish on Porcelain Christmas Ornaments

Fresh Boiled Crawfish apron
Fresh Boiled Crawfish by figstreetstudio
Many more aprons available online at zazzle.com

Crawfish Pinch Me Cartoon Ornaments from Zazzle.com

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fossil range: Mesozoic–Recent
Northern koura, Paranephrops planifrons(Parastacidae)
Scientific classification
Latreille, 1802
Huxley, 1879

Crayfishcrawfish, or crawdads – members of the superfamilies Astacoidea andParastacoidea – are freshwater crustaceans resembling small lobsters, to which they are related. They breathe through feather-like gills and are found in bodies of water that do not freeze to the bottom; they are also mostly found in brooks and streams where there is fresh water running, and which have shelter against predators. 
Cartoon Crawfish button
Cartoon Crawfish by figstreetstudio
Shop for a different button design

Got Crawfish? Cartoon Christmas Tree Ornament http://ht.ly/3aPz0
Unique New Orleans Memorabilia : Fig Street Studio, support local art- http://ht.ly/3aDpP
Art In The News: Easy to elope to New Orleans: http://bit.ly/dhU5RF via @addthis

New Orleans French Quarter Plaza D'Armas Sign Postcards from Zazzle.com

New Orleans French Quarter Plaza D'Armas Sign Postcards from Zazzle.com

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Orleans Famous Water Meter Cover on Ornaments

Original New Orleans Water Meter Lid Christmas Tree Ornaments

Well Behaved Women Don't Get Jewelry by figstreetstudio

Well behaved women, Don't get Jewelry: http://ht.ly/37dbR

Your product, Well Behaved Women Don't Get Jewelry , is now in the Zazzle marketplace!
Well Behaved Women Don't Get Jewelry
Your product, Well Behaved Women Don't Get Jewelry , is now in the Zazzle marketplace!
Well Behaved Women Don't Get Jewelry
Your product, Well Behaved Women Don't Get Jewelry , is now in the Zazzle marketplace!
Well Behaved Women Don't Get Jewelry
Your product, Well Behaved Women Don't Get Jewelry , is now in the Zazzle marketplace!
Well Behaved Women Don't Get Jewelry
Your product, Well Behaved Women Don't Get Jewelry , is now in the Zazzle marketplace!
Well Behaved Women Don't Get Jewelry