Sunday, November 28, 2010

Onward Jazz Paintings by New Orleans Artist JK Schwehm

Onward Jazz Framed Panel Print Paintings by New Orleans Artist JK Schwehm New Orleans Fig Street Studio

 When I first got back to painting after I retired I tried to stick to local images and things related to my life growing up in New Orleans. I had an Uncle who always wore a hat, like me he was bald. His favorite was a ship captains hat as he was a inland waters pilot and could take large craft in the Great Lakes and Lake Pontchartrain. I saw this picture once that just reminded me of him so I quickly painted it as an exercise in doing portraits. I wanted to do my uncle but have no photos of him to go from so this exercise is to see if and when I get a photo of him I can do it with him in this type cap. After I did it I placed it on the web and a nice lady in New York bought it as she had an African-American art studio she wanted to display the original in. I have since lost contact with her so I am not sure where the original is now. I have the image now on cards and things at Zazzle and Cafe Press as I kept a scan of it before I mailed it off to New York.
 I titled the painting "Onward" after the words on the hat. Those who know me know the hard times I went through back then and the words expressed to me what that Uncle would have said to encourage me on. "Onward" and since then that is what I do, move forward.

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