Sunday, February 11, 2018

Nancy Continues in several adaptations:

 I have adapted several paintings with the image of Nancy, all compositions I borrowed as she is not around now to pose. I have several I am in the process of completing.

Nancy In White Chair Poster

Nancy In White Chair Poster

by figstreetstudio

Friday, January 05, 2018

Friday, December 15, 2017

Make Your Own Chat Noir Poster on the Internet

 Personalize any of the below Chat Noir, Black Cat posters right on the internet. Use the "customize button" and change text. Add names, dates, places, whatever you like.  Make this poster for your kitchen, man cave, bed room, den, any room in your home but have your own with what event, birthday,anniversary, added to it.

Black Cat,  Blank, edit text Poster

 Below are some "Chat Noir" samples. Add to the poster Mardi Gras, New Orleans, Jazz Fest, any city, event,anniversary right on the internet.

Black Cat, Fat Tuesday, edit text Poster

Black Cat, Fat Tuesday, edit text Poster

by figstreetstudio

REMEMBER; I hate to discover I become rich and famous after I am gone.

Support Local Artists, Buy Before We Die Postcard

Support Local Artists, Buy Before We Die Postcard

by figstreetstudio

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Comical Who Dat Shirt Collection

 I created a lot of Who Dat shirts during the last New Orleans football run, some were challenged by persons claiming to trademark it but they lost the law suit about a year after all the fuss. Still some believe  Who Dat is not in the Public Domain. So I  designed many other Dat designs on shirts, most comical to poke fun and some in other languages to aggravate some folks. So just in case you need one below are just a few of the many I have on shirts and gifts.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Art Along Camp St, New Orleans, LA

 For over a year I volunteered as a Docent for an art museum on Camp St in New Orleans. I walked down Camp St often from the streetcar on Canal St and noticed a lot of interesting things that I eventually painted. Below are a few of the prints I sell on the web through Fig Street Art Studio store. Stop in and see my art and read up in this blog on how you can frame them yourself. Link to how to frame below.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Need Work or Retired? You too can sell art on the web.

Self Portrait, Homage to Vincent Poster

by figstreetstudio

Become a Zazzle Associate

I always did art since childhood. So when I retired I did more and began to sell it on items on the web. I supplement my retirement with art sales of things I create. It is easy, and free to do. Just takes a little time to set things up. If you are not artistic yourself or not creative like me you still can sign up and sell my designs and get a commission from each sale. All you need to do is follow my link below, sign up as an associate, then tell friends and family to check out your items and help them get things from you rather than the big box store. Remember it is free to do, earns a commission, and takes just a little time. Do it today as it takes a while before you see results and do not stop, let everyone know you can sell art designs on the web. Start by clicking the below Shop and Create link below. It will bring you to the sign up page. It is fun and you make a 15% commission on things you
Click Link for details:

 You can review the art items first, if you like. I have hundreds of art items you can sell to earn a commission. Be sure to come back here after to click the Shop and  Create link to sign up to sell my art items on the web to make the commission. Or follow the Associates info on the Zazzle page below.

Fig Street Art Studio


 Follow the below link to learn how to sign up and sell my art items and make a commission:

Sell and Create