Monday, June 30, 2014

Time Flys Away Abstract Card

Time Flys Away, Abstract

Time Flys Away, Abstract by figstreetstudio

 Lady in door way chasing a flying clock face. Combined elements of abstract designs to create a unique art card. You can add text on the web. Designed by Jerry Schwehm artist at Fig Street Studio, sold on the web world wide. Unique abstract card for a unique person, add your own sentiments inside the card.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wine Posters: Prosecco

Spumante, Wine At Door Abstract
Spumante, Wine At Door Abstract by figstreetstudio

 I combined abstract elements from Matisse to make this woman standing in doorway with wine bottle. Either she is going out with the wine or letting someone know she has the wine. The lettering is optional can be removed or another wine type added. I just got tired of adding Prosecco so I did Spumante. The font can also be changed.

Prosecco Lady In Red Posters
Prosecco Lady In Red Posters by figstreetstudio
 A Pizza Restaurant in Canada asked I make a poster for them so I added in their name too.

 Fig Street Studio has lots of wine prints for sale. Some you can add or edit text to put in your favorite, or add you name as a wine cellar sign.

Prosecco Posters,

Prosecco Wine Maid Vintage Lady Posters

Modern Style Wine Poster, Prosecco
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Wine Cellar Vintage Lady Edit Name Sign Print
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Wineaux, drinks wine in a glass
Wineaux, drinks wine in a glass by figstreetstudio

 A Wineaux drinks wine from a glass. So this smiling face is drinking a glass of wine.

Search for another posters online at Zazzle

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 Add edit text to posters make a sign for you home, business, restaurant.

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Old Frenchman with Wine Glass
Old Frenchman with Wine Glass by figstreetstudio

 All the posters can be edited to add text. What would this Frenchman with glass of wine say?

Monday, May 19, 2014

NOLA-HOODS, New Orleans Neighborhoods, MAP

New Orleans Maps From Fig Street Studio

More of these maps in all colors at Fig Street Studio

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

GRITS: Gays Raised In The South

 This morning I read a comical story in the " Daily Current",  (1) a bogus news outlet like an April Fools edition linking my favorite breakfast food, grits, to homosexuality.  To me it was funny and I took it at poking fun at those homophobic people who must find a root cause for gay people. People are people, and we need not find a "cause" why people are people.We just are. "Ecce Homo!" (2) 
   I also like to poke fun at people who are biased in one way or another, who cannot accept us as we are, warts and all. Although I like to be considered a "fine artist" my humor comes out in graphic art. Usually poking fun at something. Either what I read or experienced at some point in my life. Some so subtle I may be the only one who gets it. Some are right off the wall, silly, strange, whatever. Below are a few I sell on the web on shirts, posters, cards. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fig Street Studio International Sales

 Through our store partner on the web we are able to sell art and gifts world wide. New Orleans art and gifts designed by local artist sold on the web.

Fig Street Studio International Sales

 Link To Fig Street Studio Store on web

Fig. Street Studio vende arte sul web. Pagine speciali in altri acquirenti aiuti lingue con l'arte locale.

Fig Street Studio verkauft Kunst auf dem Netz. Spezielle Seiten in anderen Sprachen Käufer mit Hilfe lokaler Kunst.

Fig Street Studio säljer konst på nätet. Speciella sidor på andra språk bistånds shoppare med lokal konst.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jersy Shore and Beach Posters