Friday, October 06, 2006

Saints Widow Spider

Comical story about guys who watch the Saints.
Careful of the bite of the recently discovered "Saints Widow Spider" in New Orleans. Once bitten the person talks excessively of New Orleans football. Other symptoms include.

1. Frequents stops in Sports Bars.
2. Dresses in black and gold attire.
2. Jigs around when hears the music to 'When The Saints Go Marching In'.

No known remedy exists this year, we just have to wait until next year to see that person again.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Space Ship Lands In Dome

Authorities are baffled by finding a Flying Saucer doubled parked inside the Super Dome. There is no way to remove or 'boot' such a large object. All Meter Maids are busy at the moment primping their hair and could not be bothered. Anyone with information about this spaceship is urged to contact the Super Dome offices.
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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Monk Parakeet (Quaker Parrot)

Since the early 1970's the Monk Parakeet has found a home in New Orleans and several cities in the United States. Originally established by escaping as pets the birds seem to acclimate well to several cities in the US including New Orleans French Quarter in palm trees. In most cases when non-native species establish themselves in a new land some older resident suffers. But the Monk Parakeet seems to have found a place where it does not harm any other species. There is currently no evidence to support any eradication program is needed. Although some cities and some ill informed people are waving flags for an eradication program. See Karen Hunters blog entry of April on Monk Parakeets for some details.
The pretty little green birds frolic well in my neighborhood providing me and the cat much entertainment especially when the Japanese plums ripen on the local trees. The nests are high up in the palm trees and the songs they sing are music to our ears. It is time to protect our new neighbors from harm and stop any ill conceived notion that they must be removed.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Know The Enemy- House Fly

The house fly lives all over the world. Female lay eggs soon after hatching, laying a up to 600 white oval eggs. In warm weather these hatch in several hours into cream-colored larvae which burrow into the food material on which they hatched. These grow quickly in warm weather. Warm weather enhances growth. Normally the population builds up and is greatest in early fall months. The method of over wintering is not well understood, but in some areas populations develop indoors throughout the winter. House fly eggs are laid in almost any warm wet debris such as animal manure, human excrement, garbage, decaying material and ground contaminated with such organic mater are suitable materials. House flys are attracted to a wide variety of food materials, they have mouthparts which enable them to ingest only liquid materials. Solid materials are liquefied by means of regurgitated saliva. This liquefied food is then drawn up by the mouthparts and passed onto the digestive tract. Removal of habitat is the best control. No decaying material to lay eggs means no more house flys. Cleaned up spills also helps.
Fly traps help control adult flys but good sanitation is the best. Keep garbage tightly closed. Clean up any indoor and out door mess that may allow flys to lay eggs. Sticky fly paper hung in good locations will help contain a fly infestation.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Roach Eating Lizard

Hikers discover a wild "Mardi Gras Dragon" in Lower Plaquemines Parish that eats roaches. Believed to be a cross of the 'Bearded Dragon' (Pogona Vitticeps) originally from Australia and a local reptile of unknown origin. The 'Bearded Dragon" is now forbidden to be exported from Australia due to its ability to eat most anything. Originally imported to the US and raised in Florida for the pet trade the "Bearded Dragon' grows up to 2 feet long. It's ability to climb trees allowed it to survive Hurricane Katrina. The new "Mardi Gras Dragon' can be trained to live indoors like a pet cat but needs warm places to heat up. Feeding nocturnally it eats the pests found throught New Orleans the 'American Cockroach' (Periplaneta americana). Supplements have to be fed to keep the lizard healthy. Care should be taken as they get older they tend to eat buttons also. Further study of the new "Mardi Gras Dragon" lizard is being done at Tulane University. (If you go there at night be careful, the 'Mardi Gras Dragon' may be out feeding.)

Friday, March 31, 2006

New Termite Found In New Orleans

There are 41 species of termites in the USA, and while most occur in the southeast, the only state where there are no termites is Alaska. Now add in the 42nd species found in a gutted home in New Orleans Mid-City. Believed by etymologists to be a Darwin's Subterranean termite that went through the rigors of Katrina the new bug eats wood and plastic. Efforts are currently being made to learn if more Queens live in Mid-City area . Testing is being done on what methods are best suited to control them limiting their rage to just New Orleans. Several bugs have been sent to labs at Tulane for further study.

Termites :

Live for 15 years
Lay 1 egg every 15 seconds
Have 4 wings when swaming
Burrow tiny mud tunnels to a source of wood (now plastic)
Leave small prints near windows
Enjoy wood resulting from leaky plumbing and keg beer
Can destroy entire house in about 2-3 weeks


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

President Caught Looting

President GW Bush was caught on camera looting a rake from the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. He and a accomplice from FEMA took the item from a home. Immediately staffers tried to spin the incident but pictures do not lie. He was finally handcuffed and brought to a police car for further questioning. More at Six.