Friday, March 31, 2006

New Termite Found In New Orleans

There are 41 species of termites in the USA, and while most occur in the southeast, the only state where there are no termites is Alaska. Now add in the 42nd species found in a gutted home in New Orleans Mid-City. Believed by etymologists to be a Darwin's Subterranean termite that went through the rigors of Katrina the new bug eats wood and plastic. Efforts are currently being made to learn if more Queens live in Mid-City area . Testing is being done on what methods are best suited to control them limiting their rage to just New Orleans. Several bugs have been sent to labs at Tulane for further study.

Termites :

Live for 15 years
Lay 1 egg every 15 seconds
Have 4 wings when swaming
Burrow tiny mud tunnels to a source of wood (now plastic)
Leave small prints near windows
Enjoy wood resulting from leaky plumbing and keg beer
Can destroy entire house in about 2-3 weeks


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