Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oyster Festival Posters

New Orleans Oyster Festival Posters from
New Orleans Oyster Festival print
New Orleans Oyster Festival by figstreetstudio
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New Orleans Oyster Festival stamp
New Orleans Oyster Festival by figstreetstudio
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Last month Garret Graves, Jindal's coastal adviser, announced the creation of the Governor's Oyster Advisory Committee, a 15-member panel tasked with making decisions about the future of the industry and the use of BP funds and other money that could aid the fishery.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not Really Graffiti

I have several images I use now and then on the web of Fig Street Art Studio painted as Graffiti in places all over the world. It is a fun image but it isn't real. Several web pages have the ability to create and image that looks like it is painted on a wall or train when it is just all fake. The illusion that someone did Fig Street Art Studio as graffiti. Here are a few of those images.

Schwehm, Artist

Originally uploaded by Bingo Man
More fake graffiti

Fake News Article

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Many T-Shirts Do You Own?

As most all of you know not only do I do art, paint in acrylics, I do crazy t-shirts. I started out wanting a few shirts based on ideas I had in the '60's in college. Like my "Star Spangled Banana". I actually silked screen them on a screen I made. Later on my kids and I did shirts using those iron on decals with designs we came up with also based on food. (I wish I could find those 3 shirts now!) Then when I retired the creative juices had time to flow. Not only did I do art for cards, something else I silk screened in college, but the old t-shirt ideas came back and funny designs flowed.I am not sure how many designs I now have but it is a lot.
I have never really counted all the t-shirts I own but I can say I have several dresser draws full and a lot of old ones hidden in a box in the closet. I also have a lot I use as rags after they are too ragged to wear. I am not sure I can even get an accurate count. I think printed t-shirts are an American Cultural Icon. I believe I have seen a book written on the subject too. Which makes me wonder how many t-shirts do you own???

Monday, October 25, 2010

Plan a "Second Line" at your wedding

Plan a "Second Line" at your wedding-

Today many "Wedding Second Lines" are pre planned with the couple having in hand a special umbrella printed with name and date and napkins preprinted also for the guests. Umbrellas can be found at this link on the web, Second Line Umbrellas, or if you are in New Orleans at Shushans in the French Quarter. Printed napkins can be found here on the web too. Just like "Gumbo", "Blacked Red Fish", and other New Orleans traditions a " Second Line" can be found most anywhere. Just plan it out with umbrellas and white napkins.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Orleans inspired Christmas cards

New Orleans inspired Christmas cards personalized on the web-

New Orleans inspired Christmas cards personalized on the web-
New Orleans inspired Christmas cards personalized on the web-
New Orleans inspired Christmas cards personalized on the web-

Louisiana Swamp Painting

Of all my paintings at All this Louisiana Swamp painting gets the most views although they have yet to sell a print there. I like it so much I have kept it in my private collection and it hangs around in my studio. I move it from time to time so I can see it. Some years ago I drove around Ponchatoula, Louisiana and took pictures. I did a lighthouse that sold to a lighthouse painting collector, a few flowering plants and this swamp scene. I did it on heavy paper with water based Gouache paints. I like they way they flow like finger paints and it gives this swamp painting its unique look.
I think does not make the effort Zazzle does to sell prints as Zazzle has sold this painting as a print and on cards. Although on the web markets itself more. Here is the link to the above print- And they sell more of my paintings there. Below is the image on Zazzle with its link too, just in case you like the Zazzle print better.

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Here is a link to some nice Wine Gift Baskets-

Good Wine and Gift Baskets

Spending a few weeks in the Finger Lakes the past four years has exposed me to a whole lot of wine. The many vineyards there with a large selection of great tasting wines has changed my outlook on drinking wine. The many flavors I never knew existed until my trips to the Finger Lakes Vineyards. I try to come home with a few bottles each trip but also know where to get them off the web from a supplier in Ithaca New York. As I sell my art and graphic designs on the web I pay homage to my discovery with funny shirts and cards. I like to create things that I have been exposed to in life as you see my art you see what I have seen or thought.
I realized as I sell my art on the web there are times it does not meet the needs of someone looking for a gift to send or "drop ship" for a gift or special occasion. I like Gift Baskets so I joined up with a company that does nice wine gift baskets to add to my sales. I support myself with my web based sales so I can continue to do my art. The more I can sell on the web the more art I can create. I also like to pay my bills on time so the little income I generate from sales lets me be a good citizen and make art.
Here is a link to the Wine Gift Baskets- Premium wines and Gifts baskets just click it or the banner ad below to see what they have. BUT remember I sell art and buying my art is a good thing to do so I added in some wine related gifts I have created too below.

Gooseberry Winery shirt
Gooseberry Winery by figstreetstudio
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Halloween Gifts

Along with my art I have joined forces with other gift ideas and will write about unique things I find for sale on the web. I like web sales as it allows you to find something to mail direct to the receiver. With friends and family all over the USA it makes it easy to send a nice gift. Although I prefer people buy my art I know it does not fit the bill on all occasions so I joined up with other to have a better selection. Like this:

Send Halloween Gifts to USA

This is one of my designs on shirts and cards I did mostly for Day of the Dead but the shirts and cards can be customized on the web.

A good example why I joined up with others who sell on the web is a "Gift Basket" My personal stuff does not come in a gift basket so I joined up here- Gift N Ideas and now I can market gift baskets with my art sales. They are nice, easy to send, and meet a lot of needs for people like me who send things to other cities.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Orleans Spanish Tile murals- #nola #tiles

Snow White Dancing with Dwarves Disney T Shirt from

As a child I was not very fond of Snow White. To me then it was a little scary but as I grew it was less and less fearful to me. Though not a favorite while very young in later childhood I liked it.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a 1937 American animated film based on Snow White, a German fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. It was the first full-length cel-animated feature in motion picture history, as well as the first animated feature film produced in America, the first produced in full color, the first to be produced by Walt Disney, and the first in the Walt Disney Animated Classics group.

Snow White Dancing with Dwarves Disney T Shirt from

Pinocchio Disney Shirts from

Of all the Disney Classics my favorite is Pinocchio. I guess it is easy for a small boy to relate to the chracter and get involved in cheering him on. I wonder what he grew up to be?

Pinocchio is a 1940 American animated film produced by Walt Disney and based on the storyThe Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi. The second film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics, it was made after the success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and was released to theaters by RKO Radio Pictures on February 7, 1940.

Pinocchio Disney Shirts from

Dumbo's Dumbo Performing in Circus Shirts from

I remember this cartoon as a child, not as well as the others but still a nice kids cartoon. Dumbo is a 1941 American animated film produced by Walt Disney and released on October 23, 1941, by RKO Radio Pictures.
The fourth film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series.

Dumbo's Dumbo Performing in Circus Shirts from

The "Wine Ceremony" at weddings-
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Distinctive selection of wedding favors, bridal shower favors, all special occasions
New Orleans Christmas cards-

Monday, October 18, 2010

Who Dat Fleur De Lis Shirt from

Who Dat Fleur De Lis Shirt from

New Orleans Bourbon Street T Shirts from

Bourbon Street (French: Rue Bourbon) is a famous and historic street in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. When founded in 1718, the city was originally composed only of the French Quarter. New Orleans has since expanded, and is much larger. Bourbon Street is the street best known by visitors. It contains hotel, bars, strip clubs, restaurants that have exited there for over 100 years. And a lot of T Shirt and souvenir shops. Fig Street studio sells New Orleans French Quarter shirts and gifts on the web.

The below French Quarter Shirt won several design awards as it represent Bourbon St and the street lamps in a modern way. Unique designs from Fig Street Studio a local artist.

New Orleans Bourbon Street T Shirts from

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Orleans art on Christmas cards-

Pirates Shoes

Canvas shoes for the pirate in you. Can be edited and customized on the web.

Dachshund Tennis Shoes

Canvas shoes with the famous brown dachshund puppy. Several designs available in men's, women's, and kids. You can change colors and patterns on this shoe using the Customize button.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Crawfish: Suck What? Shirts from Fig Street Studio

Crawfish: Suck What? Shirts from

About 12 years ago when I first started designing t-shirts for different fairs and festivals I did this Crawfish, Suck What? shirt to play off the ones that had just Suck Da Heads. I like being more creative and original with the designs I make. This one has lasted all these years and sells at Crawfish time. Immediately though others tried to duplicate it but they did not last. A truly good design that is original lasts a long time and remember first use is also an automatic copyright of the design.

You can make this shirt more original by customizing it right on the web. Add a name, date, city, place, front or back. Be creative and make it your own or you club and family.

L'Ecrevisse Noir print
L'Ecrevisse Noir by figstreetstudio
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Fleur de Lis Dat, Boneman football Tshirt from New Orleans

Fleur de Lis Dat, Boneman Football Tshirt from

I try to be unique in my designs of shirts for New Orleans football fans. Too many just run around in the same old football cheer but from me you can get one of a kind designs no one else has by customizing one of my many football fleur de lis shirts.

Add your name, a number, a chant, get Cronked with wording on a fleur de lis shirt, Who Dat!

Add a name on the back, add a chant on the front, add whatever you like to a art designed shirt for football season.
Fleur de Lis Dat, boneman shirt
Fleur de Lis Dat, boneman by figstreetstudio
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Route 66 tee shirts from

Route 66 tee shirts from

Route 66 shirt
Route 66 by figstreetstudio
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Route 66 is not allowed

All of my Route 66 Highway sign art on shirts and clothing was removed from Zazzle and Cafe Press. Seems a corporation in Europe has registered the US Highway sign as a trademark and threatens suit if anyone else uses it. I am astonished that a US Government highway sign can be removed from the public domain and artists denied the use of it in art. I think Congress needs to look into those things and companies who publish items on the web need to take a closer look at when one someone claims to have exclusive use of a public sign. I am sure the sign has been in the public domain a long time and to be able to remove it by a registration process and then sending out legal blackmail letters should be something the law protects against.
I took the time to see what has or has not been registered here in the USA and there are hundreds of attempts to register the sign. Seems most fail here in the USA. So how does another country get away with it????
Below is one that was removed recently and I am not really going to do any more Route 66 art until something is resolved.

Route 66 shirt
Route 66 by figstreetstudio
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The story behind the blog story of the Ghost in Pirates Alley-

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Big Sale! New Orleans Christmas cards-

Vintage Style I Love Texas Postcard from

I do a few graphic designs for Texaxs having family and friends there. The best selling is the Alamo Magnet.

But I have cards and shirts with I Love Texas and more. Just ask if yiou need a design made or invitation created.

Vintage Style I Love Texas Postcard from