Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pig Squatch Shirt-

Pig Squatch Shirt

A large Russian Boar estimated to be near 600 ponds was shot in the swamp near my place in Pearl River. I designed a t-shirt about it. The story goes a fellow was walking with his pet dog in the swamp when the hog attacked his dog. Only armed with a 22 pistol he shot the hog several times as he ran away. The hog died but his dog was killed.

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UFO Over Georgia on Shirt

Friends in Georgia also e-mailed me they saw a UFO north of Atlanta. Seems people are now seeing them all over the US. Here is a link to my shirts-

I am heading on the road and will keep my eyes wide open and report here if I see any like I did a few years back.

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Nutria Shirt

Nutria T Shirt- #cajun #nutria

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Pink Lobster Shirt

Pink Crawfish Shirt- #cajun #crawfish

Lobster Pink-

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Vesparazzi, motor scooter blog entry-

My Piaggio Lt150

In spring of 2004 I purchased from the Vespa dealer in New Orleans a Piaggio Lt150. It has been a great motor scooter, few problems, great mileage, easy to use and park. For getting around the city and French Quarter nothing else compares. It is a little ragged now having lived outside most of its life in front of the Muses BnB on Magazine St. or in friends back yards as I park it in the city. This summer I may take it with me on my travels sitting in the back of my pickup truck, one last big swing before I get another. Maybe a Honda this time as I like my Honda Shadow a lot too. Below is some info from Vespa about the Lt150 which is no longer made being replaced by the Fly 150.
I am also a member of several scooter clubs but "Vesparazzi" is my favorite.

"Piaggio LT150 with large-diameter 16" wheels, dual arm suspension and a front hydraulic disc brake, the Piaggio LT offers exceptional handling and a smooth ride.

Let the LT take you wherever you want to go. As lightweight as it is easy to use, the LT is the perfect choice for first-time riders, for a motor home's rear carrier or for commuting with hassle-free parking. With a glove compartment and optional top case, you can take plenty with you:

- Twist and go (automatic transmission)
- a valve 150cc Piaggio LEADER engine
(Low Emissions ADvanced Engine Range)
- Top speed 60+ mph
- 16" wheels
- Coded key antitheft immobilizer device
- Hydraulic front disk break
- Comprehensive dashboard
- Retractable passenger footpegs
- Options include top case and windscreen

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

UFO Shirts

UFO T-Shirt wins award on Zazzle, blog #ufo

Recently some friends in Ohio e-mailed me they saw a UFO and later on I saw a report on the news about it so I made them a nice design on a shirt and I won an award. See the shirt and award below. I do many comical designs for people and have all of them for sale on the web. The can be seen at my two wed pages and

Shirts link-

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Voodoo Dancer Postcard

Voodoo Dancer Postcard- #voodoo

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New Orleans Jackson Square Postcard

Jackson Square Postcard- #nola

Liberty Bell Postcard

Liberty Bell Postcard,

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Chattanooga, TN Shirt

Chattanooga TN T Shirt-


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I saw a UFO over Ohio


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Friday, May 29, 2009

Life In The Swamp: The Cajun Mermaid

Life In The Swamp: The Cajun Mermaid ,blog story-

Mermaid gifts-

Tooker's Camp at Indian Village Landing

Tooker's Camp at Indian Village Landing, link to blog story- Camp Painting

One of the main attractions at Indian Village along the West Pearl River near Slidell, LA was “Tooker’s Camp”. Tooker was a colorful fellow for a local town who had a made up hot tub on his front porch and a stop sign. Of that collection of photos I got around to painting his camp but made it up as a starry night with a fried egg moon. Like a Van Gogh. Tooker would have liked it that way. The painting is sold as prints, cards, tiles, and many gift items

LINK to print-

Starry Night River Camp print
Starry Night River Camp by figstreetstudio
See all the posters at

 All around the Indian Village Landing are camps used as weekend homes to people who love to fish. Catfish are plentiful there and good times had by many local people who drive and boat in to stay the weekend. As I would canoe there I took pictures then painted a few camps, Tooker's is my favorite fishing camp painting.
 The camps and area were also used in a music video by Sheryl Crow.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

How To Save Money Framing Art

Do it yourself and frame art prints cheaply, how to explained below.After years of selling my art I have learned a few tricks to getting good looking frames at a reasonable cost. Too often clients tell me they love the inexpensive prints I sell but having them framed is expensive. I tell them, ” get the frame first.” Many art and craft stores have seasonal frame sales. Frames come in standard sizes, 8×10 and 11×14, some have mats in them too. I have been able to find 11×14 frames with a mat for as low as $15 on sale at many discount, import, and crafts stores. I also find “postcard size” collage frames 4×6 with one, two, or more places to put a 4×6 print in them. Clients can also use the greeting cards I sell 5×7 as small prints framed with a mat.

First shop for a nice frame knowing what size prints are available, 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14. Be sure to know when the sale goes on and look for a frame with a mat. I also get discounted pre-framed prints and remove the store bought print and put in its place my prints. Above is a photo of an off size painting I did for my daughter, framed in a frame I found at a discount store with an existing food print at half price. The painting fits perfect into an existing frame and was $12.

Framing a print need not be costly when you keep in mind to get prints to fit a standard frame. Look for frames first, on sale, then frame your print yourself.

Starry Night River Camp print
See more posters at Zazzle

(How To Save Money Framing Art Prints,  #art #frames #prints)

 Frames like the below black photograph or document frame are sold at hobby and discount stores. Some go on sale. Look for ones with a mat. A mat separates the print from the glass. It also helps keep the print in place. Look in garage sales for older frames or second hand stores. Then buy a print that fits the frame. You can remove the cardboard backing on sale frames with ugly prints and use them for your print. Cut and use cardboard if the backing is damaged in the removal process. Packing tape can also cover the backing if necessary.

 You can add a wire on the back to hang the picture. The dollar store and craft supply sells a kit with small eye hooks and wire that can be used to add a hanging wire. Screw the eye hooks about one third from the top then wrap the wire tightly through them. Some add tape to the wire to protect from scratching. I find the old fashion wire across the rear is the best for hanging and centering then those other hangers.

 A finished print framed in a black document frame sold at hobby store on sale. Unique local art supports the local art community and all done for less than $20.00

New Orleans Art on the Web

New Orleans Art on web at #nola #art


Starry Night Cathedral print
Starry Night Cathedral by figstreetstudio
Browse other posters on
Link: Fig Street Art Studio at Cafe Press- #art
LINK: Fig Street Art Studio at Zazzle-

Trophy Husband Award

Trophy Husband Award Plaque- #redneck #husband

French Quarter Paintings

French Quarter Paintings in blog #nola #frenchquarter #art

Fable of the Feather Light Pebbles, childs story blog #kids #parenting
Louisiana new hurricane contraflow highway guidelines #nola #louisiana #hurricanes

Tree Carvings in Mississippi

Tree Carvings In Biloxi, MS, blog-  #mississippi #biloxi

New orleans Travel Article Link

New Orleans Travel Article from 1913, #nola #travel

New Orleans Camp St Lighthouse, blog #nola #lighthouse
New Orleans Spanish Tile Murals #nola #frenchquarter
Un-official symbols of New Orleans, art blog #nola #fleurdelis
Painting the Big Red Streetcar in a blog- #nola #streetcar #art

Monday, May 25, 2009

Nola Water Meter Cover Shirt

NOLA with Meter Cover T-shirt-  #nola

I Got Coffee On Bourbon St

I Got Coffee On Bourbon St Shirts

Comical Nurse Button
Black and Gold Fleur De Lis Shirt
New Orleans, More Bars In More Places Shirt- #nola

Frennch Quarter Street Names Tiles

I Love The French Quarter Shirt- #nola Street Tiles, street sign replicas of the French Quarter Street names in tiles and stickers see with more old French Quarter images on tiles.