Friday, August 30, 2013

Copy of My Crawfish Designs

Crawfish: Suck What? Shirt
Crawfish: Suck What? Shirt by figstreetstudio

 Why Just Copy Another Work????

 " Imitation is the highest from of flattery" said by  Charles Caleb Colton.  However I find it distressing I take my time and creativity to do a graphic design or piece of art and someone out and out copies it. Some at least make an effort to change some part of the design others just download it from the web. Usually I mail a cease and desist letter when I find who has done it. Generally they stop as it gets expensive to defend the using of copyright material. Here is another I found on the web from someone selling just about my entire copyrighted graphic design of my "Suck What?" crawfish logo. I am e-mailing them in hopes they no longer copy my art. I have for years found copies of my work. My issue is if you claim to be a creative artist create something of your own, build your own idea, do not just change a little piece of another art and claim it for yourself. Or  at the least ask permission to redo the art. Had this person asked me I might have said yes?

PS:  After several hours of tracking down this sign that has already been sold months ago but appears on Pinterest over and over on Louisiana pages. The seller kindly contacted me to say they did not know of the copyright. They also said they do not sell signs any longer. I did also found a similar blog post on this blog in 2010 when I discovered other copies of this design on the web. So it should be clear to anyone who sees my art it is copyright. Says so on the art page and over and over in my blog. Each time they claim they did not know. But please if you copy someones art isn't easy to realize it isn't right to sell it as your own without permission.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

No Soliciting, Psycho Inside Signs from Fig Street Studio

No Soliciting, Psycho Inside

 Comical signs to stop solicitors. No Soliciting It Disturbs the Psycho Inside. No more soliciting with these signs. More to choose from click image. Stop solicitors from knocking on your door. Sign costs $1 plus small shipping charge. Postcard size card stick it on your door way.

 More comical stuff and signs at Fig Street Studio. Click image for details.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bear in Woods Darts Dart Boards from Fig Street Studio

Bear in Woods Darts Dart Boards

Bear in Woods Darts Dart Boards
Bear in Woods Darts Dart Boards by figstreetstudio
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Curmudgeon T Shirts from Fig Street Studio

Curmudgeon T Shirts: We all know someone who is like this, get them a shirt to warn others- cantankerous person or grouch.

Curmudgeon T Shirts
Curmudgeon T Shirts by figstreetstudio
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