Sunday, February 01, 2015

New Orleans Street Tile Coasters

 The famous Blue Letter tiles found in New Orleans on stickers and tiles. Created by local artist.

 See the web page, Fig Street Studio

Unique craft project for New Orleans style  kitchen coasters. New Orleans uses blue letter street tiles in the sidewalk to designate street names. You can make your own with Mod Podge and craft coaters. Get each blue letter sticker below linked for the street or  name you desire. Place the sticker on the craft tile or a tile bought at the large tile store. Distressed tiles run under fifty cents each. Prepare the surface via Mod Podge directions, apply the blue letter sticker on the tile, cover with Mod Podge. Now you have your own New Orleans Street Name tile.

 Links below for items you need:


plain  craft coasters

Mod Podge glue

Blue Letter Stickers (Link Above)