Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Wine Blends, What to Know

 Not all wines are from a single grape variety. Over many years wine has become blended to enhance flavor. Here is an Infographic about wine blends. Most blends are done to enhance smell, color, or flavor but usually 80% of a single grape variety. Except Pino Noir which is never blended.

 After enjoying reading the Infographic on blended wines also enjoy reviewing all the unique wine posters I well on the internet, world wide. Some can be edited, add text, or other info on posters, cards, shirts. Click link to see lots more wine art.

Wine Through History

Wine Through History

Wine and Cheese, like good friends


Wine and cheese go together, like old friends, and have been eaten together at gatherings for thousands of years. But how to pair them. See this Infographic for ideas. And then see my wine and cheese art sold on the internet.

Sunday, September 30, 2018


Credit to Infographic

The most popular dog is the Lab in the US. My favorite the Dachshund comes in at number 9. But I paint and make almost any dog on shirts and gifts. See below for samples and click picture to see more.

Improve Your Coffee Making, easy steps

 Sometime our coffee is better than others, there are reasons why. The major reason is a dirty coffee pot. Old coffee residue, oils, burns, all enter into the new coffee and spoil the taste. Same with tea. First step is to be sure things are clean.
 Next easy step is to know what size coffee grounds your maker recommends. From course for French Press to to extra fine for Expresso, the grinds can change the flavor.
 Additions, although I do not add salt some say to if you by chance bought a bitter batch of beans. I little, and I mean little salt cancels out bitterness. I rather add sugar are sugar substitute and the liquid  flavorings sold in stores.

 Of course adding friends and comical coffee mugs also helps. I sell those, no not friends, but comical mugs at my art studio store on the internet. Take a look. They make great gifts. We sell coffee mugs world wide, link                                                                                  -

by figstreetstudio

Pirate Mug
Pirate Mug
by figstreetstudio

Black and Gold Fleur De Lis Mug Who Dat
Black and Gold Fleur De Lis Mug Who Dat
by figstreetstudio

 Coffee and Tea, some information from InfoGraphic

Some info on Tea.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Homer Eats His Way Through New Orleans | Food Is Art In New Orleans

 Food is art in New Orleans.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Unique Art on Postage Stamps

 Need a postage stamp for any special occasion, see how this artists creates unique art on stamps. Local and international art on stamps for wedding, anniversary, or any special occasion:  Follow the link or click an image-- LINK:*/products?pg=1&dp=252079753551460346

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Art on Throw Pillows

Unique art on several size throw pillows. Local artist sells only on the internet. Click image or link for details.