Monday, August 31, 2009

Red Lion Rampart T-shirt

Red Lion Rampart T-shirt by @figstreetstudio

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Boiled Crawfish Shirt

Cajun Boiled Crawfish T-shirt by @figstreetstudio at @Zazzle,

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Pirate Skull Shirts and Gifts

Pirate Skull Red Bandana T-shirt, #pirates #JackSparrow

 Jolly Roger on shirts and gifts.

New Orleans Water Meter Shirt

New Orleans Water Meter Cover T-Shirt,

A Starry Night River Camp Painting

Starry Night River Camp print
Starry Night River Camp by figstreetstudio
Browse other posters on

A Starry Night River Camp, swamp painting, canvas print #Louisiana #art #print #nola

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Comical wedding mishaps on this video list from You Tube in blog, #weddings
Unique "first wedding dance" ideas for your wedding, blog with videos, #elope #weddings #dance

New Orleans Christmas Streetcar Postcard

New Orleans Streetcar Christmas postcard, add sentiments to card on web with text editor, #nola #streetcar #Christmas

Snow In The French Quarter Christmas Ornament

Each year I design a new Christmas ornament for the New Orleans Collection. This year I have snow in Jackson Square from a photo I took when it snowed there in 2008. It is a design that many like and commented on when I did it this June. So take a look here are the details.

Snow In Jackson Square Ornament Link

Product Information
Add a special and uniquely New Orleans Christmas ornament to your tree this holiday. Our handmade oval ornament is made of high quality porcelain. It measures 2.3" x 3.25" with red ribbon included.
High quality porcelain
Oval 2.3" x 3.25"

Many more New Orleans Ornaments are available at Fig Street Studio

New Orleans French Quarter Snow at Christmas Porcelain Ornament, #nola #frenchquarter #Christmas #ornament

Bourbon Street Christmas Cards

New Orleans Bourbon Street Mural Christmas Cards, #nola #FrenchQuarter #Christmas #cards

French Quarter Snow Christmas Cards

This card is new and specially designed for this year from a photo of snow in the French Quarter. Many more New Orleans Christmas cards are available at Fig Street Studio and you can add your name and sentiments to them on the web.

French Quarter Snow, New Orleans Christmas cards, can add names, #nola #Christmas #cards #FrenchQuarter

New Orleans Cathedral Christmas Card

New Orleans Vintage Style St Louis Cathedral Christmas card, can add names on web text editor , #nola #Christmas #cards

New Orleans Black and Gold Shirt

Black and Gold Fleur De Lis Shirt, can add name on it with Zazzle text editor, #nola #football #saints #nfl

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Delft Style, Blue and White Dutch Tiles and Gifts

Delft look, Blue and White Dutch design, ceramic tile, good for kitchen or bath backsplash or coaster, #tile #Dutch
 Click below image or link to see many blue Delft Dutch style designs on gifts, personalize them on internet.

Rooster, Blue Dutch Delft Look Tile

Blue Dutch Tile Ceramic Ornament

Follow this link to see some Dutch designs on gifts-

Delft look, Blue and White Dutch design, ceramic tile, good for kitchen or bath backsplash or coaster, #tile #Dutch #Delft

Blue and white ceramic tiles at

Dutch Women At Windmill shirt
Dutch Women At Windmill by figstreetstudio
Many more tee designs available on

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I do many art designs in Dutch Blue. Available on magnets, ties, aprons, shirts and more.

Replica tiles in plastic or ceramic also available.
New Orleans Art on Christmas cards, #nola Christmas #cards #art

New Orleans Art on Porcelain Christmas Ornaments

New Orleans Art on Porcelain Christmas Ornaments, #nola #Christmas #ornaments

 A little history about ornaments below.

New Orleans Christmas
New Orleans Christmas
by Fig Street Art Studio


Christmas tree tradition was started by a German monk, Saint Boniface, the Apostle of the Germans.  A fir tree's triangular shape represented the Holy Trinity - God, his son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. The tree was placed inside on Christmas Eve, with simple, white candles.  Later around the 5th century,  candy, fruit, paper cut outs, added as Christmas ornaments. Today artists create all sorts of designs. Here at the studio we do art on porcelain ornaments sold on the web and can be personalized. See all of our unique Christmas art at Fig Street Studio, click any image.

Peace Love Okra Shirt

Peace Love Okra, comical veggie shirt, #okra #peace #veggies

Chicago Jazz Fest Shirt

Chicago Jazz Fest Blue Nude Shirt, #jazz #jazzfest #Chicago #music #nude


 The Foundation claims to have trademark "Jazz Fest", which is a common phrase used for festivals all over the world. I seriously doubt it would hold up in Court. I am not rich enough to file suit. The Foundation has bullied printers, artists, and common folk with notice they will sue for use. Thus ZAZZLE  removed any design with the phrase and some with just the words, Jazz and Fest separately. Thus hundreds of my long term designs are no longer for sale there and at other places. I have revised some designs. And will revise more. I think the Foundation is not considering New Orleans heritage with those actions. But the common folk cannot fight back those overly rich folks.

New Orleans Jazz Music 2017 T-Shirt

New Orleans Jazz Music 2017 T-Shirt

by figstreetstudio

Chat Noir, edit text Poster

Chat Noir, edit text Poster

by figstreetstudio

Fat Cat New Orleans Music 2017 Postcard

Fat Cat New Orleans Music 2017 Postcard

by figstreetstudio

Dancing  to Jazz Music Orleans Poster

Dancing  to Jazz Music Orleans Poster

by figstreetstudio

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Granola, Girl Raised At NOLa (TM) Bumper Sticker

Cute design of "GRANOLA"-Girl Raised At New Orleans, La. on a Bumper sticker, Also available on shirts. #nola

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Pink Nude In Door on Shirt

Pink Nude In Door,

Darts Player Design on T Shirts and Posters

The Dachshund in Brown on a shirt

The Dachshund in Brown on a shirt, #dachshund #doxie #weinerdog #abstract

The Dachshund on Doggy Shirt

Abstract Dachshund image on doggy shirt, #Dachshund #Doxie #dog #Picasso

Blue Crab Quilt Square on Shirt

Soft Shell Blue Crab Design, Quilt Style on Shirt, #Maryland #Crab #Quilt #SteamCrab

Philly Cheese Steak Eating Champ Shirt

Philadelphia Cheese Steak Eating Champion Shirt, comical cartoon, #Philly #CheeseSteak