Thursday, May 28, 2009

How To Save Money Framing Art

Do it yourself and frame art prints cheaply, how to explained below.After years of selling my art I have learned a few tricks to getting good looking frames at a reasonable cost. Too often clients tell me they love the inexpensive prints I sell but having them framed is expensive. I tell them, ” get the frame first.” Many art and craft stores have seasonal frame sales. Frames come in standard sizes, 8×10 and 11×14, some have mats in them too. I have been able to find 11×14 frames with a mat for as low as $15 on sale at many discount, import, and crafts stores. I also find “postcard size” collage frames 4×6 with one, two, or more places to put a 4×6 print in them. Clients can also use the greeting cards I sell 5×7 as small prints framed with a mat.

First shop for a nice frame knowing what size prints are available, 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14. Be sure to know when the sale goes on and look for a frame with a mat. I also get discounted pre-framed prints and remove the store bought print and put in its place my prints. Above is a photo of an off size painting I did for my daughter, framed in a frame I found at a discount store with an existing food print at half price. The painting fits perfect into an existing frame and was $12.

Framing a print need not be costly when you keep in mind to get prints to fit a standard frame. Look for frames first, on sale, then frame your print yourself.

Starry Night River Camp print
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 Frames like the below black photograph or document frame are sold at hobby and discount stores. Some go on sale. Look for ones with a mat. A mat separates the print from the glass. It also helps keep the print in place. Look in garage sales for older frames or second hand stores. Then buy a print that fits the frame. You can remove the cardboard backing on sale frames with ugly prints and use them for your print. Cut and use cardboard if the backing is damaged in the removal process. Packing tape can also cover the backing if necessary.

 You can add a wire on the back to hang the picture. The dollar store and craft supply sells a kit with small eye hooks and wire that can be used to add a hanging wire. Screw the eye hooks about one third from the top then wrap the wire tightly through them. Some add tape to the wire to protect from scratching. I find the old fashion wire across the rear is the best for hanging and centering then those other hangers.

 A finished print framed in a black document frame sold at hobby store on sale. Unique local art supports the local art community and all done for less than $20.00

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