Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Piaggio Lt150

In spring of 2004 I purchased from the Vespa dealer in New Orleans a Piaggio Lt150. It has been a great motor scooter, few problems, great mileage, easy to use and park. For getting around the city and French Quarter nothing else compares. It is a little ragged now having lived outside most of its life in front of the Muses BnB on Magazine St. or in friends back yards as I park it in the city. This summer I may take it with me on my travels sitting in the back of my pickup truck, one last big swing before I get another. Maybe a Honda this time as I like my Honda Shadow a lot too. Below is some info from Vespa about the Lt150 which is no longer made being replaced by the Fly 150.
I am also a member of several scooter clubs but "Vesparazzi" is my favorite.

"Piaggio LT150 with large-diameter 16" wheels, dual arm suspension and a front hydraulic disc brake, the Piaggio LT offers exceptional handling and a smooth ride.

Let the LT take you wherever you want to go. As lightweight as it is easy to use, the LT is the perfect choice for first-time riders, for a motor home's rear carrier or for commuting with hassle-free parking. With a glove compartment and optional top case, you can take plenty with you:

- Twist and go (automatic transmission)
- a valve 150cc Piaggio LEADER engine
(Low Emissions ADvanced Engine Range)
- Top speed 60+ mph
- 16" wheels
- Coded key antitheft immobilizer device
- Hydraulic front disk break
- Comprehensive dashboard
- Retractable passenger footpegs
- Options include top case and windscreen

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