Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Gifts

Along with my art I have joined forces with other gift ideas and will write about unique things I find for sale on the web. I like web sales as it allows you to find something to mail direct to the receiver. With friends and family all over the USA it makes it easy to send a nice gift. Although I prefer people buy my art I know it does not fit the bill on all occasions so I joined up with other to have a better selection. Like this:

Send Halloween Gifts to USA

This is one of my designs on shirts and cards I did mostly for Day of the Dead but the shirts and cards can be customized on the web.

A good example why I joined up with others who sell on the web is a "Gift Basket" My personal stuff does not come in a gift basket so I joined up here- Gift N Ideas and now I can market gift baskets with my art sales. They are nice, easy to send, and meet a lot of needs for people like me who send things to other cities.


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