Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Many T-Shirts Do You Own?

As most all of you know not only do I do art, paint in acrylics, I do crazy t-shirts. I started out wanting a few shirts based on ideas I had in the '60's in college. Like my "Star Spangled Banana". I actually silked screen them on a screen I made. Later on my kids and I did shirts using those iron on decals with designs we came up with also based on food. (I wish I could find those 3 shirts now!) Then when I retired the creative juices had time to flow. Not only did I do art for cards, something else I silk screened in college, but the old t-shirt ideas came back and funny designs flowed.I am not sure how many designs I now have but it is a lot.
I have never really counted all the t-shirts I own but I can say I have several dresser draws full and a lot of old ones hidden in a box in the closet. I also have a lot I use as rags after they are too ragged to wear. I am not sure I can even get an accurate count. I think printed t-shirts are an American Cultural Icon. I believe I have seen a book written on the subject too. Which makes me wonder how many t-shirts do you own???

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