Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good Wine and Gift Baskets

Spending a few weeks in the Finger Lakes the past four years has exposed me to a whole lot of wine. The many vineyards there with a large selection of great tasting wines has changed my outlook on drinking wine. The many flavors I never knew existed until my trips to the Finger Lakes Vineyards. I try to come home with a few bottles each trip but also know where to get them off the web from a supplier in Ithaca New York. As I sell my art and graphic designs on the web I pay homage to my discovery with funny shirts and cards. I like to create things that I have been exposed to in life as you see my art you see what I have seen or thought.
I realized as I sell my art on the web there are times it does not meet the needs of someone looking for a gift to send or "drop ship" for a gift or special occasion. I like Gift Baskets so I joined up with a company that does nice wine gift baskets to add to my sales. I support myself with my web based sales so I can continue to do my art. The more I can sell on the web the more art I can create. I also like to pay my bills on time so the little income I generate from sales lets me be a good citizen and make art.
Here is a link to the Wine Gift Baskets- Premium wines and Gifts baskets just click it or the banner ad below to see what they have. BUT remember I sell art and buying my art is a good thing to do so I added in some wine related gifts I have created too below.

Gooseberry Winery shirt
Gooseberry Winery by figstreetstudio
See more t-shirts designed online at

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