Thursday, October 21, 2010

Louisiana Swamp Painting

Of all my paintings at All this Louisiana Swamp painting gets the most views although they have yet to sell a print there. I like it so much I have kept it in my private collection and it hangs around in my studio. I move it from time to time so I can see it. Some years ago I drove around Ponchatoula, Louisiana and took pictures. I did a lighthouse that sold to a lighthouse painting collector, a few flowering plants and this swamp scene. I did it on heavy paper with water based Gouache paints. I like they way they flow like finger paints and it gives this swamp painting its unique look.
I think does not make the effort Zazzle does to sell prints as Zazzle has sold this painting as a print and on cards. Although on the web markets itself more. Here is the link to the above print- And they sell more of my paintings there. Below is the image on Zazzle with its link too, just in case you like the Zazzle print better.

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