Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Roach Eating Lizard

Hikers discover a wild "Mardi Gras Dragon" in Lower Plaquemines Parish that eats roaches. Believed to be a cross of the 'Bearded Dragon' (Pogona Vitticeps) originally from Australia and a local reptile of unknown origin. The 'Bearded Dragon" is now forbidden to be exported from Australia due to its ability to eat most anything. Originally imported to the US and raised in Florida for the pet trade the "Bearded Dragon' grows up to 2 feet long. It's ability to climb trees allowed it to survive Hurricane Katrina. The new "Mardi Gras Dragon' can be trained to live indoors like a pet cat but needs warm places to heat up. Feeding nocturnally it eats the pests found throught New Orleans the 'American Cockroach' (Periplaneta americana). Supplements have to be fed to keep the lizard healthy. Care should be taken as they get older they tend to eat buttons also. Further study of the new "Mardi Gras Dragon" lizard is being done at Tulane University. (If you go there at night be careful, the 'Mardi Gras Dragon' may be out feeding.)

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