Thursday, September 28, 2006

Monk Parakeet (Quaker Parrot)

Since the early 1970's the Monk Parakeet has found a home in New Orleans and several cities in the United States. Originally established by escaping as pets the birds seem to acclimate well to several cities in the US including New Orleans French Quarter in palm trees. In most cases when non-native species establish themselves in a new land some older resident suffers. But the Monk Parakeet seems to have found a place where it does not harm any other species. There is currently no evidence to support any eradication program is needed. Although some cities and some ill informed people are waving flags for an eradication program. See Karen Hunters blog entry of April on Monk Parakeets for some details.
The pretty little green birds frolic well in my neighborhood providing me and the cat much entertainment especially when the Japanese plums ripen on the local trees. The nests are high up in the palm trees and the songs they sing are music to our ears. It is time to protect our new neighbors from harm and stop any ill conceived notion that they must be removed.

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  1. I love Quaker Parrots. I have a few birds of my own. I have a cockatiel, peach front conure and a parakeet(budgie).


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