Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Lighthouse on Camp St. New Orleans

Growing up and having family living on Camp St I always wondered about the lighthouse on Camp off Julia. I imagined the Mississippi River must have been closer to Camp St before the levees? But as I grew older I discovered it was never a real lighthouse but a building built for the charity, Lighthouse For The Blind. Today it is a glass art studio but my fascination with a lighthouse so far from water has never ended. Once while walking down Camp toward Poydras in 2003 I stopped and took about 20 pictures from different angels and this composition was derived from those photos. I guess not everyone is so fascinated by this lighthouse as I rarely sell a print or card but for me it is part of my growing up in New Orleans and a part of my childhood.

"This lighthouse was added to the existing structure in 1924 by the Lighthouse For The Blind as a thematic symbol, and served as their headquarters until 1948"

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  1. Beautiful. We'll be getting some of these.
    I've always loved that lighthouse yet never knew about the Lighthouse for the Blind.
    We got yous hangin'.
    Editilla~New Orleans Ladder


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