Monday, March 22, 2010

Fig Street Studio At Cafe Press

I will no longer market my products at Cafe Press. I found that others were duplicating my designs and some people downloading my images and using them on products they sold at craft fairs. I complained about these issues to Cafe Press and nothing was done. In fact I was treated like I was the offending party. As I cannot trust Cafe Press to protect my art, designs, copyright, and that they allow the downloading of images that can be reproduced and used on competing products I will not longer market or add my art at Cafe Press. I have migrated most everything to my Zazzle Shop, and use them to sell and market my art from now on.

Be sure to see all the great art, prints, posters, shirts, I have at the Zazzle store. They do a good job reproducing them and they protect the artists copyright.

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