Sunday, March 07, 2010

French Quarter Black Smith Shop with Le Chat Noir

I've sketched, painted, took pictures of the Old Black Smith Shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans I think I can draw it with my eyes closed. So I did another but added in the black cat I have been sticking in everything I do. Initially I adopted a little blue cat Gauguin also used in many of his paintings and a nick name of mine was Bluecat. I abandoned it after a while as it did not add anything to the painting, so did Gauguin. Then I adopted the Le Chat Noir and it fits better into what I do right now, so I put the cat back in some of my art.

Someone at Zazzle likes my art as this poster in the original without the black cat, also won the days best award for March 7,2010. I like the one with the cat best though.
Today's Best March 07, 2010- at

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