Monday, March 22, 2010

New Orleans Acrylic Cut Outs

Most all of my art and designs can be made into acrylic plastic cut outs. Two dimensional plastic that can be used as display or ornaments. Here are the details and some images of what others look like. If you see one of my prints or graphic designs you would want in plastic to use as an ornament or ceiling fan pull, or to display on a stand, e-mail me so I can set it up and send you the link.

Zazzle custom photo sculptures enable you to turn your favorite photo or portrait into a special keepsake. Your image is cut out from durable acrylic to create a one-of-a-kind gift. Can come as a sculpture, magnet, pin, ornament, or keychain.
Product Details
Made of clear, durable acrylic
Sculpture is cut out to match your photo
Final size will be based on the size of your image
Recommended: Use images that feature one person or subjects prominently

2" x 3": $15.00 ea (comes with black stand)
5" x 7": $29.00 ea (comes with black stand)
8" x 10": $39.00 ea (comes with black stand)
24" x 36": $150.00 ea (comes with wall mount)
Magnet - comes with a magnet back
2" x 3": $15.00 ea
5" x 7": $19.00 ea
Ornament - comes with a red ribbon for hanging
2" x 3": $15.00 ea
5" x 7": $19.00 ea
Pin - comes with a metal pin-back
2" x 3": $15.00 ea
Keychain - comes with a metal key ring
2" x 3": $15.00 ea


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