Thursday, March 11, 2010

Support Local New Orleans Artists

The big box stores and some big galleries import art to sell locally even when a multitude of artists exist in a town or city. I am often told I'd love to buy your art but where are they sold...... then I hear all sorts of excuses. There should be none. My prints are priced lower than most in the big box stores, are original art, not multiple copies of the same old same old made in China. Yes, good old American made designed by local artists. Can be framed cheaply either by getting a frame locally for them or using one you have on hand. Flea markets too sell second hand frames cheaply, remove the back add in one from a local guy like me. I do that as gifts, sometimes the frame is spectacular as it is old and used, has a history like most all of my prints.
I always suggest look for a nice frame first, flea market, garage sale, then buy the size print to fit and get one of those precut mats from an art supply shop. No real reason to avoid local art. So buy local art, my prints sold on the web in several places listed below and at my local studio;

Prints sold here:

1. Fig Street Studio Zazzle Shop

2. Fig Street Studio Cafe Press Shop

3. Fig Street Studio ArtistRising Shop

4. Fig Street Studio AllPosters.Com

Or e-mail me I may have one on had signed at the studio.

There are 375 prints for sale at this Zazzle link, some fine art some comical all local-

Zydeco Festival print
Zydeco Festival by figstreetstudio
Shop for art on

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