Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Self Portrait, Homage to Vincent, Self Portrait of an artist

Self Portrait, Homage to Vincent Greeting Card from Zazzle.com

I needed a newer self portrait so I did myself like Vang Gogh's Patience Escalier.


I was painting a large tree for my daughter to hang and painted in blue work shirt with red bandanna. I realized I looked like someone Van Gog painted so I took my book out and here it was. I added on the hat, took a quick picture with me holding some bamboo and this is the result. Someone said it looks like Marshall Dillion? But I do not limp.

Often I use older paintings to develop compositions. Or I am painting then realize I saw the composition somewhere else before. Study the old masters was a way to go. And I do it all the time, museums a favorite place to visit.

 I recently began using this in a small version as an avatar on social media.

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