Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Orleans Blue Street Tiles Gifts

New Orleans Blue Letter Street Tiles Tote Bag
Ask via e-mail to have one designed for you.

I have used the famous New Orleans Blue Letter Street Tile designs in many gifts, magnets, tiles,tote bags, shirts, and other items. At this link are many designs on many gifts,

At Zazzle I have many items, prints, magnets, bags, cards, and more with the street tile designs. Click the images to see them here
I am often asked to design bumper stickers with names or sayings for people out of the Blue Letter Street Tiles. It is easy and inexpensive, just ask me to do one for you via e-mail:


New orleans Blue Letter Tiles Plastic Sculpture

Whether on a desk, at the office or in the living room, plastic sculptures bring your memories to life. Made of acrylic with a black stand, they are a great conversation piece. Final size is approximate and depends on cut-out size of image. Can also be made into Christmas ornaments and more. Have your name made into a plastic Christmas ornaments out of blue letter tiles.


Saints BlueTiles shirt
Saints BlueTiles by figstreetstudio
Browse other t-shirts created on zazzle

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