Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Not Mr. Bingle!"

Little New Orleans Snowman on ornaments and Christmas gifts link-

Some years ago I painted my old Mr Bingle from Maison Blanche and made that painting into a Christmas cards. When I listed it for sale on the web I got a nasty letter from a lawyer for Dillard's who bought Maison Blanche and kept the rights to "Mr Bingle" ©. Seems I could not market my painting using the words" Mr. Bingle". However the painting is mine and the card created from my painting is mine so it is just a snowman now and sold here on the web.
Seems anyone can register anything now days and stop artists from painting things. I wonder what would have happened during the old days, I guess we would have a lot less paintings around.
If a snowman card is not your thing I have a lot more art on cards here-

Here is anothe New Orleans Snowman on one of my ornaments-
More New Orleans ornaments sold here-

Here is a link to all of the New Orleans Snowman Christmas designs on all products

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