Sunday, March 06, 2011

Coffee Mug Blue, Matisse Style Poster

Coffee Mug Blue, Matisse Style Personalized Invitation from

I been doing a bunch of Coffee Cups in all types of styles to decorate my kitchen, when I finish I'll pick the best one or the one I like best to hang in my kitchen. The fun part is when you see something in a shop that isn't exactly the color or style you like I can make it to fit the decor. Just ask me about making things to hang in your kitchen in a color and style that matches your tastes. Plus I make them in America not China like that bed beyond place has.

Yes I can change the colors on this or make a new coffee cup print just for you to hang up. Why go to the mall and get a Chinese print when you can get a real artist to do real art.

 Info on this print. I adapted a Matisse " The Moroccans, 1916" The info on that painting was Matisse visited Morocco and this was buildings, fruit, and men drinking coffee. I adapted it to show my kitchen. A drain board with dishes draining and brush, fruit, oranges and mangoes. A coffee mug, fried egg, and napkins on pink table. I guess when a painting is abstract you see what you want in it but as I was doing coffee cups I like my adaptation for my kitchen.

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