Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Coffee Drinker Poster from

The Coffee Drinker Poster from

I wanted a coffee poster for my kitchen to replace a painting of a fishing camp I have hanging there now. I tried several things but was not satisfied. I decided to adopt a Matisse. Find a coffee cup he did and use that design in my composition. I didn't get far with that idea when I discovered a Cezanne man sitting at a table. I tried to make it more Picasso like but returned to the original idea. Above is the composition I did but I think I'll commercialize it a little and add words. I'll post the final when I get it done.
The man looking into his cup of coffee is Cezanne himself. Mine is adapted from his card player but it is a cup of Java here. I may redo it today with me as the man?

This is one I did shooting for a Matisse style that did not come off right. So I went back to do more Matisse style when I went for the Cezanne above.

I attempted a Picasso blue Period rendition but still I like the original homage to Cezanne the best.

Coffee Drinker Sign magnet
Coffee Drinker Sign by figstreetstudio
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I added in text on this fridge magnet.

This poster came out a little more Matisse Style.

Another Matisse style coffee cup in blue.

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