Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crawfish, What's In A Name

That Old Crawfish: What’s In The Name? Blog info on word "Crawfish" #cajun #crawfish #nola

Crawfish designs sold by Fig Street Studio

The word "Crawfish " comes from the Cajun French word "escrevisse". Many places use other names, crayfish, crawdad, mudbug but we here in Louisiana prefer "crawfish". No matter what it is called it is a favorite food in spring. Boiled Crawfish with corn, potatoes, garlic, sausage and more is served at many family picnic or back yard party. I am told the real scientific name is Astacoidea Cambardae and there are over 300 types in North America alone, a big family even by Cajun standards. The art of boiling them was covered in another blog entry but it is easy just get any of the boiling spice packages from Rex or Zatarain's and follow the directions. To make it real fancy people add in corn on the cob, and other veggies that boil well, even artichokes. Whatever you like add in the boiling water and have friends over.

One time I even wrote a fable about a Cajun Mermaid, part crawfish part woman on how the first Cajun ate the beautiful red swamp crawfish.

Cajun Mermaid design at Fig Street Studio
I use the crawfish too in many of my gift designs sold on the web at I would think along with the Fleur De Lis, the Crawfish is a symbol of Louisiana. See the Fleur De Marais design here:

Crawfish Fleur De Lis design at Fig Street Studio

By whatever name it is called it is a fun delicious food found in the swamps of South Louisiana, the swamps we must all protect as they once protected us.

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