Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How To Elope In New Orleans at Wedding Blog

Elope to New Orleans on a budget, #weddings #nola #elope #frenchquarter

It is possible to get married in New Orleans area for just over $100. The wedding license runs about $30 and you can meet a former Justice of the Peace for as little as $149 on week days at his office.  Just read over the information on this web page,http://www.figstreet.com/weddings. Contact by e-mail ask about the special weekday rates at special spots and make an appointment to elope. This rate is limited on certain days and in parks close to his office and must be arranged ahead.  Meet a Minister at a local park on days made by appointment ahead of time. Limited days and hours for this rate. Must be arranged ahead of time and must have license before arranged. No walk ins. Special rate does not apply if he has to travel away from his office. Two witnesses and license  needed, not provided by officiant.

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