Monday, April 12, 2010

Brass Band At Pirates Alley Print Won An Award

After watching "Treme" on HBO last night I got to tinkering with some brass band images I had done. So I made a dark showdow brass band to use with some of my New Orleans images. It took a while but I added it to several and finally my painting of Pirates Alley. Then it won the days best award at Zazzle.

French Quarter Poster with Cathedral-

My initial idea was to place the showdow brass band in front of some of my paintings but I had to find ones that fit. I also liked how it looked in front of Van Gogh's Night Cafe.

But I did not stop I just kept putting it over things until I won the award and got tired of doing it. If you have a favorite theme let me know I may be able to place the shadow brass band on it. I did one similar several years ago but more cartoonish.

Brass Band Gang card
Brass Band Gang by figstreetstudio
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