Friday, June 05, 2009

Zuma Coffee, and Red Beans and Rice

Last January I passed through Marshall, NC and discovered a nice breakfast spot, Zuma Coffee. It is more than a coffee shop or cafe but a spot in town people stop in and chat, person to person. Not being all that familiar with the area I was amazed at the number of friendly people who gathered here. Today I met one person who was also here in January and hoping to see a few more before I head out to a local grocery. A friend asked I cook read beans and rice for lunch at her office. I will stop in the store get the provisions and cook lunch then head to Asheville for a short visit. It is amazing to me how people love New Orleans home cooking and often I am asked about it as I travel. I hope it comes off well. It is not often I am asked to cook in an office though so I thought that would be nice. Seems red beans and rice are a nice ice breaker when visiting new people. I have some red bean designs on gifts here

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