Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Week In Burnsville

I spent a week in Burnsville, NC. I just love the Blue Ridge Mountains and Burnsville is right in the mist. It is supposed to have a lot of artists and lots of art studios. There is a weekend of studio tours too but I am heading out to Washington, DC for a Jazz Fest. I spent most of my time meeting new people and cooking some New Orleans style food. The place is friendly and real safe. The town has two discount groceries. Both have the best deals on food stuff. I see why people here eat at home. The restaurants are not all that good but real cheap. I took a few photographs to paint from but have yet to connect with a spot that I can feel its spirit enough to begin to paint. Seeing a few paintings in the local gallery helped point me in a direction but it has not set the point in my minds eye. Seems pottery is the big thong here with a craft school at Penland I have yet to visit. I passed it up already once looking for it, the sign was too late for me to turn in. Next trip. The highlight for me was a tour of a closed feldspar mine. It closed and flooded in the 1960's but was pumped out enough to make a tourist attraction. It made the stuff used in Bon Amie cleanser. I learned a lot about the mines in this area there and well worth the stop in. I hope by spending time in the Blue Ridge that something will light so I can paint something worthy of the time and place.

People in Burnsville love 'Jerry's Jambalaya". I cooked several batches over the weekend. Here is a link to a recipe-http://stuffedartichoke.blogspot.com/2008/03/quick-and-easy-shrimp-jambalaya.html

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