Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Decorative and Unique Wall Decor from Southern Artist

Decorate beautifully with real art from American artist inexpensively with Fig Street Art Studio print collection. Creative and unique wall decor, from clock and prints to decorative art and kitchen tiles. Add a unique touch to your home buying American art direct from the artist. Not the mass produced foreign prints sold cheaply in many box stores. Limited editions of prints and other art items sold on the web world wide that come unframed or framed. You choose the art to fit your decor and frame it yourself. Prints start at $15 and up for many sizes. Cards start at $1. Cards can be framed in postcard frames sold in most stores. Great for gifts. Sold at Zazzle and other web outlets. Search Jerry Schwehm artist for the many outlets that sell his art. Click the below images for details.

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