Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Framed Art For Under $10

I was standing in a check out line speaking to a lady who was buying some Chinese made art prints. I told her I was a local artist and would love for her to get my art made in America to hang rather then some copy cat Chinese sold prints. I offered to sign them too if she contacted me. She said she would but local art was so expensive. I explained I sell postcards and greeting cards in sizes that fit in picture frames sold at Wall Mart for $5 and the cards are $3, postcards $1 so for under $10 she can have local American art. The discount craft stores too have larger frames for $15 and my prints sell for $5 each so she could have a local art print framed for less then $25. And if she would rather I sell pre-framed prints for under $50. I am willing to sign them to if brought to my studio.

I see no real reason not to buy local art made in America. The prices are low, the sale helps the local economy and not Chinese plants. Look at what I have if you feel you need something different I paint every day and could just paint what you need. Just ask, e-mail me, buy local art, help the local economy. I have hundreds of painting on cards, postcards, prints sold on the web, take a look. Help a local American artist.

See these

Framed prints too-

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