Saturday, August 13, 2011

West End Park, Lakeview, New Orleans

  Growing up in New Orleans I would play in some of the great parks. In my neighborhood of Lakeview I could ride my bike to West End Park by the Yacht Club. There were shelters to picnic, a big fountain, and band stand for shows on Friday nights. During the day you could play in the park, fish, or my case wonder at where all the boats have been. Places I saw, played, or wondered at are subjects of my art both fine and graphic. This is my memory of West End Park, the Stone Bridge. There are several in New Orleans Parks built during the WPA era. This one is severely damaged now. looks like someone tried to salvage some of the stones as it made it through Katrina OK. I hope people will complain about the damage so it will be repaired. City Park has one sililiar and it was recently repaired. I hope you enjoy my painting of this place of wonder.

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