Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mid City Art Studio of JK Schwehm Artist

Although our old Fig Street Guest House closed due to Hurricane Katrina I have now begun to open a Mid City Art Studio on N. Solomon St off Canal right on the Streetcar line. I use the "studio" to stay overnight in New Orleans when I have to be in New Orleans for weddings, art, or business. It serves as a New Orleans office, wedding chapel and I am able to sub-let it to people as a corporate rental when I travel away from New Orleans. For the details on when the "Mid-City Art Studio" is available e-mail me or telephone me, email is, phone is 504/617-6359. Close to Jazz Fest, City Park, and streetcar ride to French Quarter. Reasonable rates for corporate style rental with all that is needed for a week or weekend stay in New Orleans JK Schwehm Mid City Art Studio Here is some info on Google Local with a map- Google Local Map of Mid City Studio (and wedding place)

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