Monday, July 04, 2011

New Orleans Artist: Frameable Art On Postcards

 Less expensive then larger prints these frameable art postcards average cost of just $1.00 can be framed in a group with less expensive frames available at most discount and hobby stores. Some beautiful paintings from New Orleans and other nostalgic places like Pontchartrain Beach all less than the cost of a cup of coffee. Purchase helps small local business and are truly limited editions sold only through the artist over the web. Click image or follow this link to see all 300 designs. Link to postcards:

French Market Sign Postcard postcard

 How to Frame Postcards

 Discounted postcard frames are available at most hobby stores and discount stores.  Framed in groups of 4 or more these postcards add to any home decor. Cards are heavy card stock  4.25 by 5.6 inches gloss finished. Cards are sold in bulk and receive a discount:

Postcard Volume Discounts 

8 - 24 postcards$0.12 off
25 - 49 postcards$0.20 off
50 - 99 postcards$0.25 off
100 - 249 postcards$0.30 off
250+ postcards$0.35 off
You don't have to buy multiples of the same postcard to receive a quantity discount. You'll receive a quantity discount on any order of 8 or more postcards!

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