Sunday, April 24, 2011

How To to earn money selling my art on the web.

  Everyone needs extra income either for a new something or to cover an added expense. If you love art but cannot really create art or draw and paint Fig Street Studio has an affiliate program that is free, easy to join, and makes 15% on all art sales. A tried and true tested program where you sign up, get an special number code and when sales occur of the art you get 15% commission. Local art shops sell art created by Fig Street Studio, other home business sell art from Fig Street Studio, why not sign up and see just how easy it is. Free to sign up then with a little effort sales begin to happen and slowly you grow. Create an art gallery on the web. Have access to many pieces of art. Design your gallery how you want to. Feature the type and style art you like. Inivite friends to visit your gallery. meet the artist. Learn about how he creates his art. Learn some sales secrets and soon you will slowly grow your sales.Income comes in part time. Work when you like.

Now here is what to do. Go here and sign up as an associate. . Select art from Fig Street Studio here:*. Market the art on your blog or social media account using the unique code given you at Zazzle. As a sale is made you receive 15% commission. Hints and ponters on how to get things going will appear in a Fig Street Studio Blog. When you sign up e-mail us for links on how to build your sales. Pointers and useful ideas will be posted on the blog and some help offered in gearing up. After that you can use your own ideas to sell art.

Fig Street Studio is a small local business not some big web page art empire like those poster sales you see on the web. Art is created often, new ideas from associates appreciated. Unique designs made. Join a small growing art business and make a commission.

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