Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Save The Marsh, Eat Nutria : New Orleans Fig Street Studio

Save The Marsh, Eat Nutria : New Orleans Fig Street Studio

 Several years ago using humor I tried to draw attention to the eroding marsh. As I canoed the swamps I could see from year to year the removal of the swamp. Usually a beautiful place with flowers, grass and critters. The thing is all that beauty acts as a safety net for us,. It stops storms, provides food, does wondrous things for humans yet we let it slip away. Never then did I foresee the big oil spill. Now we are losing it faster and my humor seems to fallen off the mark. I thought if I did a funny design and people looked at it, no need to buy it, a seed was planted, SAVE THE MARSH, PROTECT THE SWAMP. Now I wonder what I need to do to call attention to it. I saw the Parish President cussing out people on TV but that also seems to fall off the mark. I am worried people do not realize what is going on, how important the swamp is and thus cussing and funny shirts are not calling attention to this problem. I do not blame the Parish President for cussing, I feel like that too but we need people to realize what is going on before it is way too late.

 In frustration I did this comical shirt. It's the Humans who are destroying the marsh, not the Nutria. To call attention I did this really silly shirt and wore it. People would comment on it when they saw me but still I think I missed the mark. This was years ago and all that has happened is more damage to the swamp.

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