Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Dachshund Homage To Matisse

I have always been intrigued with Henri Matisse. I visit his works whenever I am at national museums and have several books of his art, His use of colors and simple designs convey a lot of emotion and just hit me right where it counts. I also use simple designs to convey my love of my city. Symbols of things like water meter covers, lighthouse, horse heads, fleur de lis, things I have seen growing up. I try to stylize these images in colorful ways mimicking Matisse, often not realizing the effect he had on me. Some efforts look silly when I finish but I keep them around just to have a record of my attempts to make a colorful symbol reflect an emotion of something I encountered in my life experience. I am still at it today, trying to simplify an image make it colorful and then convey the emotion. The master was Henri Matisse with Picasso right behind him.
My current best selling design composition is a Dachshund Homage to Matisse. Using his window style with curtains I place a simple Picasso style dachshund under some Matisse style trees. The image is to convey seeing a dachshund out of your window in the back yard. But the composition is in its simplest forms, window, curtains, trees, dog. I have it as cards, prints, tiles and clocks. I want to portray the feeling I got as a child looking out my window at my puppy in the backyard, to me a comfortable memory. Yet keeping it simple so the youngest of person can understand it.

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