Monday, December 20, 2010

Buy American Art

 While Christmas shopping this year I went into several places that sell art, frames, prints, and art supplies. I spoke to several people there who were buying some art. They said the prices were good and they could use the art to decorate their home. I asked if they considered buying from an artist and they all said the prices would be too high?? I gave them a short lecture about buying American art from Americans and informed them that my art, made, painted, done all in America by a local guy, me went from $10 and up with framed prints at $50 and up. I also have canvas prints from $150 and up. They were surprised. I think the big stores just brain wash people into thinking the art they sell is cheap when most local artists have very reasonable prices. I urge each of you reading this to buy local. Buy American art, buy here in the USA and avoid those cheap prints done in China. See my art at the below links and help a local artist in America.


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