Monday, July 05, 2010

Defend Gulf Coast- Fist Tee Shirts

Defend Gulf Coast- Fist Tee Shirts from

I make 10% profit off this shirt and most all the art I sell at Zazzle.. I assure you the $2 to $3 I get goes directly to my survival. Meaning I pay bills, get food, etc. So you see I need to sell a lot of shirts to keep up. The economic turn down did more damage to my art sales then the oil spill but the local people have less disposable income, thus less desire to buy silly shirts. So I appreciate if the rest of you guys either buy a shirt or just tell other people that I exist and sell art and other gift items from Louisiana. If you do that there is less chance I become a burden to others and can keep paying my bills on time. Thanks for stopping in my blog. Now go out and tell other people about my art sales on the web.

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