Friday, February 19, 2010

Le Chat Noir Who Dat Poster

I enjoy taking old themes and making them into something new. To celebrate the New Orleans Saints victory I did a Le Chat Noir poster and also put it on shirts. The design is unique yet familiar to people and has been selling as a poster and shirt all over the USA.

When I do designs I like to do something different than the rest, like my Cajun French Who Dat shirt and my Who Dat in Blue Letter Street tiles. New Orleans is famous for its tiles in the sidewalk that spell out the street names so i did a shirt with Who Dat too.

All of those unique Who Dat shirts sold well after the Saints won and the good part is it exposed more people to my art on the web.

This Defend Who Dat got a lot of talk but few sales but of all I have seen it is the most unique.

Defend Who Dat print
Defend Who Dat by figstreetstudio
More Defend Posters
Gold Fleur de Lis, DEAUX DAT shirt
Gold Fleur de Lis, DEAUX DAT by figstreetstudio
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With all the letters going out from those guys in Texas Zazzle removed several of my designs so I am making more, just go to the web page and follow "Dat" and find the new shirts.

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