Monday, February 15, 2010

Blue Fleur De Lis, Blue Tiles Crawfish T Shirts

Fleur De Lid shirt
Fleur De Lid by figstreetstudio
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Blue Fleur De Lis, Blue Tiles Crawfish T Shirts

The origin of the Blue Fleur De Lis-
The Merovigian King Clovis, first king of the Franks, is said to have been given a golden lily by an Angel when he converted to Christianity beginning the use of the Fleu De Lis as a symbol of French Royalty. Today the Fleur De Lis has mushroomed up all over New Orleans as a symbol of the rebirth of the City after Hurricane Katrina. The Fleur De Lis can be found in every shop in the city as ear rings, key chains, ceramic tiles and on all sorts of T-shirts. Artists have integrated it into designs and abstract paintings, tourists take the image home as a remembrance of their visit and of course three are centrally placed in the official flag of the City of New Orleans. The use of the Fleur De Lis has been documented throughout history . Joan of Arc, Maid of Orleans carried a white banner of God blessing the Fleur De Lis in her battles. It has been used as emblem of the Virgin Mary and Holy Trinity by the Church, and various military units, including the United States Army, use it to denote power and strength. The Fleur De Lis used for centuries in Heraldry now has become the unofficial symbol of the City of New Orleans.

Fleur De Lis Blue shirt
Fleur De Lis Blue by figstreetstudio
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