Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Copies of my Fridge Magnets

Today while looking around a local store that on occasion sells my art I discovered duplicate copies of my fridge magnets being sold. The manager gave me the name of the person who sold them to her and I was able to contact them. Seems they bought several of my magnets and just copied them and put them on smaller magnets. They said they did not know they could not do that. I explained that taking another persons art, graphic or fine art, and reproducing it without permission is a violation of copyright laws. I understand that people may not be aware of it but again my web pages clearly say my things are copyright. Well buying a magnet then reproducing it should at least be questionable. If someone is selling art and graphic art and you buy it to reproduce it that has to be something one would look into before doing it. I tried to be as nice as I could and they agreed to compensate me fairly for the taking of my work without permission so I think the issue is closed. I hope.

Here is a web page of my fridge magnets, if you see one with my designs on them being sold please let me know so i can look into it. Fig Street Fridge Magnets

Some info on Copyright-

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