Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pirating Of My Art

Today I went the the French Market to see a friend and buy a camera bag. After getting the bag I saw a young man at a booth selling ceramic tiles so I walked over to see them. I immediately saw some of my art on them and told him these look nice. I asked where he got the images but before he could explain I realized most all were my art. He initially said from a friend. So I introduced myself and said I must know his friend then because all of these are my art work and began to explain how I did the art and noticed some still had my name or Fig Street Art Studio on them. The images were blurry so I told him he download them from the web and after going over several of the images and explain how and where and when I did them he was ready to admit what he did. I told him to be ready to count out the ones and pay me for them before I have my lawyer get involved. This is the second time this month I discovered my art being pirated and sold locally. I wonder who else is doing it?? I going to have to take a day off and look at all the local shops and craft sales to see who is taking my art and selling it without permission. If you see my art anywhere e-mail me so I can stop people from wrongfully taking and selling my art. I work too hard for someone to simply download my art and begin to sell it like that.
Interesting he took ones that are clearly mine especially the Spanish Tile Replicas with my name clearly on them that were a lot of hard work to do. In fact he took one Rue Chartres tile I did just 2 weeks ago for a special order customer, and he under sells me by 50%. I guess because he does not have the time or effort in doing the art to begin with. My tiles are

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