Thursday, April 30, 2009

West End Lake Pontchartrain

Ceramic Tile Sold at Fig Street Studio

Do not crossImage by RobertFrancis via Flickr

I posted this story in my other blog about a lighthouse painting:

Growing up at West End on Lake Pontchartrain I would often ride my bike to the Lakeshore and fish. I would use a small caste net and caste for shrimp. Then use the small shrimp to fish, mostly for mullets. Once when I was about 7 years old while casting next to the lighthouse I slipped on the green slim that grows on the steps of the seawall  and fell into the mucky lake waters. Lucky for me I did not get tangled in the net but did get cut up on barnacles as I grabbed for the concrete. Opening my eyes I could see the light  and pushed from the concrete through the waves up and when I emerged I could see the lighthouse. Grabbing on a step I climbed out of the water and caught my breath looking all the time at the lighthouse. Since that time that lighthouse has been special for me and when Katrina destroyed it I was concerned after all it was  the beacon that saved me from the murky water that day 53 years ago. Lucky for me I have a collection of photos I have taken over the years and several paintings to now keep me company as they repair and rebuild the lighthouse. Hopefully I can be there when it is done.Fig Street Art Studio, Mar 2009

You should read the whole article.

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